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A week in review 11/21/18
Photo courtesy: Pixabay - The California wildfires deathtoll has risen to 79 with nearly 700 people still unaccounted for. Searches continue for survivors.

By Joseph Rios


Cases of malaria rise
- The World Health Organization announced that there was a small increase in cases of malaria. Cases of the disease had previously stumbled in recent years, but the organization said it fears that progress made in fighting malaria is at risk. In 2017, Africa made up 92 percent of the 200 million cases of malaria.

Kenya bans organization from conducting abortions - Kenya has banned Marie Stopes, an international health organization, from carrying out abortions. Women can’t receive abortions in the country, unless their health is at risk. Kenya’s Medical Practitioners Board said the organization was promoting abortion, and Marie Stopes says it carries out its operations within the law.


Chinese author jailed
- Chinese author known as Liu was sentenced to jail for ten years for writing a book that contained gay scenes in it. Liu filed an appeal to the Chinese court, but it may be an obstacle for her to beat the case, because pornography is illegal in China. Her novel sold over 7,000 copies, and police found out about her book, because of the popularity it gained online.

Nissan chairman arrested - Nissan, the Japanese car producer, is without a chairman right now, as he has been arrested over accusations of financial misconduct. Carlos Ghosn is accused of under-reporting his pay package and personal use of company assets. Nissan officials say it will focus on trying to normalize its day to day operations for its staff and business partners.


French President visits Germany
- French President Emmanuel Macron visited Berlin for Germany’s annual day of mourning victims of war. During his visit, Macron called for a closer relationship between France and Germany. He said Europe has an obligation to not let the world slip in chaos. Macron wants Germany to back up a European Army, and he also called for the European Union to be more integrated.

French protests turn violent - Protests in France have turned violent, as demonstrators hit the streets protesting rising fuel prices. Officials believe that over 400 people were injured, and over 150 people were taken into custody. France’s Interior Ministry says 288,000 people took part in the protest. French President Emmanuel Macron has yet to comment on the protests. He vowed to improve France’s economy during his presidential campaign.

Latin America

U.S. briefly shuts down San Ysidro border
- The United States briefly shut down the San Ysidro border to enhance security efforts, because a migrant caravan made it to northern Mexico. Traffic and pedestrian crossing were shut down at the border. Government officials in Mexico expect more migrants to arrive to Tijuana, and some protests were held demanding that the migrants leave. Nearly 110,000 people enter the United States every day through the San Ysidro border.

Former Peru president requests asylum - Former Peru president Alan Garcia has requested asylum at a Uruguayan embassy after being banned from leaving the country. Garcia is accused of taking bribes from a Brazilian construction company in exchange for government contracts to build a metro line in Lima. Garcia has denied the charges, and said he is a victim of political persecution. He is banned from leaving the country as an investigation is underway.

North America

California fights wildfire and rain
- California is set to see rain this week, and officials are concerned that workers will have a difficult time with search and recovery missions. California has seen the largest wildfire in its history, and at least 80 people have died from those fires. The town of Paradise has been completely destroyed, and around 1,000 people are unaccounted for, because of that. The fire is 66 percent contained as of this past Monday, but officials believe the fire won’t be fully contained until the end of November.

Canadian teenagers arrested - Six teenagers from a private Catholic all-boys school in Toronto were charged with gang sexual assault. Videos of the incidents surfaced the internet recently, and the boys’ names are being withheld, because they are minors. Law officials in Canada say the videos coincide with the definition of child pornography. The videos were described as “horrific” by the school’s principal.





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