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The roots of a divided nation
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

A report issued by the State Department is creating a new reason for Donald Trump’s dismissal of the Saudi murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist and American green card holder, in Turkey. As it turns out, Khashoggi’s problems may have begun with his criticism of President Trump’s contradictory policy of going after Iran and yet supporting the Syrian regime propped up in part by Iran.

It has become widely known that President Donald Trump does not tolerate criticism directed at himself and will go to great lengths to attack those that do it. In this case, the Saudis may have done the deed for him.

There is a video out of Phoenix about a White lady going on a racist rant when a Latina asked to sit next to her. The woman clearly states on it that she prefers that America be White and says that Latinos will be wiped out.

Both instances directly reflect the Trump effect on American values. In the case of Khashoggi, the silencing of the press that was done for him by the leader of Saudi Arabia, is in line with his narrative that the media is the enemy of the people.

Ironically, when Trump was offered the opportunity to hear the recording of Kashoggi being murdered and dismembered, he found a reason not to do it. It appears that the fear of the dead and dying may go far back to events surrounding his attempts to avoid the Vietnam War.

In the case of the White woman in Phoenix, there appears to be a clear expectation that the President will follow-through on his nationalist ideology. When Trump puts a regular division-sized army unit on the border, it proves to this lady that help is on the way to make this a White nation.

Another irony is that the President can put a division of troops on our southern border filled with women and children but has yet to visit our front-lines in Iraq and Afghanistan where real bullets are flying. He even appears to be afraid of the American buried dead that dot the landscape of cemeteries in Europe and Arlington next door.

History has recorded the development of American values and the immigrant traditions that converted those values into a democracy that is second to none. To think of forsaking them in favor of “ethnic and racial cleansing” designed to keep a diminishing and decadent group in power is unforgivable.

From the beginning, immigrant groups in America tend to celebrate their heritage and the “national” character they bring to the new country. As they mainstream, they add another important ingredient to our culture.

What happens however when immigrant or home-grown groups are prevented or delayed by historically enforced barriers into the America’s mainstream as in the case of people of color in this country? “Nationalism” on the part of these groups has been the traditional way of coping and maintaining identity while they struggle to become part of the whole.

On the other hand, the Trump approach has been to use nationalism as a racially-based exclusionary tool designed to keep a diminishing and decadent power structure in place. This goes against the American story of constant change and transition from a great historical past to a greater future.

The President has been talking and acting on behalf of that lady in Phoenix as well as the 23 percent of Americans that confuse nationalism with patriotism. That leaves the 77 percent of Americans to set things straight.





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