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A week in review 12/05/18
Photo courtesy: Cagle Cartoon

By Joseph Rios


Nigerian President confirms he is not a double
- Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has comically reported that he is not dead, and he hasn’t been replaced by a lookalike. Rumors in Sudan were spreading online that he was replaced by a lookalike after he was on medical leave in the United Kingdom. He recently said he had never been so sick, but he refused to give details. He will be seeking re-election this upcoming February.

Troops and rebels clash in the Democratic Republic of Congo - The Democratic Republic of Congo recently saw an uptick in violence when 16 people were killed after troops and rebels fought. Among those to die were a commander and three soldiers who drowned in a river. The rebels come from a former group led by Army General named William Amuri Yakutumba who is strongly opposed to President Joseph Kabila.


Trump says China will reduce tariffs
- President Trump said that China is planning on reducing tariffs that it placed on United States cars that are imported into the country. Trump made the announcement on Twitter, but China has not confirmed the report. Chinese officials say that presidents from both countries told their economic officials to work harder toward removing tariffs. The two sides recently met at the G20 meeting.

Police officer killed in India - Protests in India resulted in the death of a police officer. Demonstrators came from right-wing Hindu groups, and they set a police station on fire. The protests stemmed from an alleged cow slaughter. Cows are considered to be holy among India’s high Hindu population, and states in the country are starting to enforce bans against cow slaughter.


Thousands of pigeons to be relocated from Spanish city
- Cadiz, a city in Spain, has a big pigeon problem – so big that it will relocate nearly 5,000 birds. Officials didn’t want to poison the birds, and they feel like relocating them was the more respectful and sustainable thing to do. Every bird will get a health check as there are transferred to a location that is over 150 miles away from the city. London has previously carried out a similar operation.

Fuel tax protests continue in France - Protests regarding fuel taxes in France don’t look like they are going to be leaving anytime soon. In the city of Marseille, an 80-year-old woman died after being hit by a tear gas canister. The canister flew through her apartment window, and she was hit in the face with it. France believes that around 136,000 people took part in protests throughout the country this past weekend.

Latin America

Former Peru President’s request for asylum denied
- Former Peru President Alan Garcia’s request for asylum has been rejected by Uruguay. Garcia is accused of taking bribes from a Brazilian construction company, and he has been staying in Lima while Uruguay decided on his request. He has denied taking bribes from the construction company, and he was banned from leaving Peru last month.

Mexico swears in new president - Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was sworn in as Mexico’s President over the weekend. Lopez Obrador served as Mexico City’s mayor, and he had run for president two other times. He will be the first leftist president in the country in over 60 years, and people like Vice President Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump attended his inauguration. Lopez Obrador promised to fight poverty, corruption and crime.

North America

George HW Bush passes away
- President George HW Bush has died at the age of 94. Bush was the 41st U.S. President from 1989 to 1993. An image of a service dog sleeping next to his casket surfaced the internet. Bush had received treatment for a type of Parkinson’s disease, and he suffered from a blood infection back in April. He will be buried in Texas next to his wife Barbara, who died earlier this year.





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