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Food Bank of the Rockies a unique gift to those in need
Photo courtesy: Food Bank of The Rockies

By Joshua Pilkington

Unique Gifts for the Holidays

Part III of V

With multiple opportunities to give and receive this holiday season, it is always a good time to focus on those places that offer a variety of was to partake in the former. There are few things that warm the heart more than seeing that special someone open the perfect gift during the holidays.

Food Bank of the Rockies and a broad coalition of 35 organizations and leaders in hunger relief, health care, government, education, community support and the support of the Colorado Health Foundation want to feel that feeling and give that gift year round through The Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger.

According to a message from the Food Bank of the Rockies President and CEO Kevin Seggelke, “hunger is a terrifying reality for 1 in 10 Coloradans and 1 in 6 Colorado kids.”

The negative effects of hunger can range from poor nutrition, poor performance in school and mental and overall health issues.

“Hunger negatively impacts our economy through lost workforce contributions and increased health care costs,” Seggelke wrote. “FBR’s mission is to help families thrive with a vision to make food security a reality for every Colorado family.”

It is with that mission in mind that FBR joined a broad coalition to bring create a five-year effort of clear and actionable strategies to end hunger for Coloradans. Some of the key elements of the plan are to ensure that every income-eligible Coloradan participate in the supplemental programs available to them such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Woman, Infants and Children Food and Nutrition Service (WIC).

The Food Bank of the Rockies has documented several cases in which it has helped out Coloradans in need.

In one such case, Roy, a Coloradan who had donated to help out those in need, found himself on the receiving end of charitable donations when five unexpected major surgeries depleted forced him to take a leave of absence from his job and to spend his savings on medical expenses. There was not enough money coming in from his wife’s position as a retail cashier and, soon, he found himself in a position where he had no food in the house.

Food Bank of the Rockies stepped in with fresh produce, dairy, protein and other items to support Roy and his family. Once he got back on his feet, that same man was at the food bank to help with food distribution.

Much of that fresh produce, dairy and protein comes from King Soopers who through their own Zero Hunger, Zero Waste campaign make Food Bank of the Rockies as well as other food banks throughout the state mainstays on their donation routes.

“We make sure everything is edible,” said Adam Williamson, Corporate Affairs, King Soopers and City Market. “We supply produce, meat and dairy. We make sure that we are freezing our meat by its sale-by date and on the produce side as it turns we will mark it down and then within 24 hours put in the back for pick up from a local food bank.”

According to Williamson, King Soopers has a partnership with Food Bank of the Rockies, which serves much of the state and covers 100 King Soopers’ stores.

King Soopers, however, is only part of the equation as Food Bank of the Rockies benefits most from communal donations.

In fact, every dollar that the FBR receives is equivalent to four meals. Furthermore a gift to FBR can reach thousands of men, women and children through kids programs, partner meal sites and pantries, mobile pantries, food rescue and senior CSFP boxes.

For information on how to give a unique gift to Food Bank of the Rockies visit





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