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A week in review 12/12/18
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By Joseph Rios


Ethiopia celebrates Car Free Day
- Ethiopians celebrated Car Free Day in numerous cities across the country. Roads were shut down, and the country’s health minister led a walk to the country’s capital. The idea of Car Free Day is to promote healthy living and to cut back on pollution. Government officials are hoping to hold the Car Free Day on the last Sunday of each month.

Uganda poet wins award - Harriet Anena, a poet and journalist from Uganda, has been awarded the 2018 Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa. She is the first person from Uganda to win the award. Her poetry book, “A Nation in Labour” was responsible for her award. She won a cash prize of $10,000, and tweeted that she is “super happy” to have won the award.


India’s central bank governor resigns
- Urjit Patel, India’s central bank governor, has resigned from his position over personal reasons. He was serving a three-year term, and it’s rare for a central bank governor to leave in the middle of a term. Recently, reports surfaced of tension between the Reserve Bank of India and India’s Prime Minister. Patel thanked his staff and officers when he announced his resignation.

Afghan Football Federation suspends president - The Afghan Football Federation has suspended its president Keramuddin Keram over sexual abuse allegations. The allegations come from numerous members of the country’s women’s national team. He is one of six people to be suspended, and FIFA said it will look into the allegations. Keram’s suspension comes from Afghanistan’s attorney general’s office.


Macron to meet with trade unions
- France has seen four consecutive weekends of violent protests over fuel taxes, living costs and other things. Now, French President Emmanuel Macron will meet with trade unions and employer organizations. The protestors are known for their yellow vests, and around 136,000 people took to the streets to demonstrate. Over 1,000 of them were taken into custody.

Siberian police man given another life sentence - Mikhail Popkov was a Siberian policeman who was already serving a life sentence for murdering 22 people. Now, he has been given a second life sentence in Russia for murdering 55 women and a policeman between 1992 and 2007. He was arrested for the murders in 2012 when a DNA match linked him to his car. The women were all aged between 16 and 40.

Latin America

“Spiritual healer” accused of sexual assault in Brazil
- Over ten women have accused Joao Teixeira de Faria of sexually abusing them. Faria claims to be a spiritual healer, and the women alleged that the sexual abuse happened at his clinic. Faria released a statement, claiming his innocence. He is known as “Joao of God,” and he has followers all around the world.

New Spanish language film set to hit Netflix - The Spanish language film Roma is set to hit Netflix this Friday. The film is set in Mexico in the 1970s, and follows two women – one of whom is a housekeeper, and the other is her employer. The film has a chance to possibly win an Oscar, with it being named film of the year by critics. It’s filmed in black and white, and it’s up for three Golden Globe nominations.

North America

Human rights group calls out Toronto Police
- The Ontario Human Rights Commission, a human rights group, said black people are “grossly over-represented” in police interactions that turn violent in Toronto. According to the report from the group, black people are 20 times more likely than a white person to be shot and killed by police in the city. Toronto police do not keep data based on race.

High school teacher faces charges - Margaret Gieszinger, a teacher at University Preparatory High School in California, is facing charges after a video showed her cutting a child’s hair in class while singing the national anthem. She was released on a $100,000 bail, and she is facing six charges including child cruelty and battery. Gieszinger has pled not guilty to all of the charges.





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