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The wall between Trump and American people
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By David Conde

One of the principle planks of the Trump 2016 campaign and two-year presidency has been his denigration of the Latino community together with the notion of a wall built on our southern border and paid for by Mexico. The anti-immigrant part of the politics around this notion reached its highest point during the mid-term election campaigns.

Since he could not get the money for the wall even with the Republican Party controlling the budget, he invoked his right as commander in chief to put up to a division-size collection of regular army units on the border to dramatize his wishes. I am sure that he thought of his actions as creating an epic event where the heroes of Afghanistan and Iraq once again are called this time “to stop the invasion of America by the brown hordes pouring across the border with no one to stop them except the army and its killing machine.”

His anti-immigrant words are loaded with hypocrisy as his businesses have the habit of employing immigrants for their hotels. Even his in-laws became residents and then citizens as a result of a legal chain-migration opportunity that he has vehemently railed against.

The latest on that score are the two undocumented Latina ladies that were employed in his New Jersey country club. They came out of the shadows recently because of the harsh treatment and threats at the hands of their sponsoring officials at the President’s facility.

The President’s constant and consistent lying about important and unimportant things followed him into the mid-term elections where his antics energized his opponents and also, perhaps made those that may have believed in him at one time, cast ballots of major remorse for a discredited bully. Furthermore, his bluster at international gatherings have led to his isolation and recasting as just another of many leaders in a diverse world scene.

The G-20 conference in Argentina saw a diminished President play second-fiddle to “high-fiving” President Putin of Russia, the invader and bully of the Ukraine and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia that, according to American intelligence, directed the murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khoshoggi, a journalist and legal resident of the United States. Also, his insistence on a transactional relationship with our allies is alienating them to a point that American exceptionalism and its superpower conception is more and more in question.

President Trump has sought to build a wall along the border with our southern neighbor Mexico. However, the wall that is actually being built is between him along with his most ardent supporters and the rest of America.

The President is also succeeding in building a wall between America and its democratic allies in a most dangerous moment in world history. That danger is best represented by dictatorships and dictators that he most admires.

The final bricks on that conceptual wall are being laid as we speak. Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” has pleaded guilty to a number of serious crimes and felonies.

Two of these felonies include an unindicted partner: the President of the United States. Trump is alleged to have directed the payment of hush money from undisclosed accounts to two of his mistresses without reporting it as a campaign contribution in order to increase his chances of winning the election.

There is a major question as to whether a sitting president can be indicted for his crimes as a congressional impeachment remedy is available. The wall however, does seem to be closing in.





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