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A week in review 12/19/18
Photo courtesy: Pixabay

By Joseph Rios


U.S. says it killed al-Shabab members
- The United States military announced it killed 62 members of the terrorist group al-Shabab. The country’s military carried out six air strikes in Somalia. They were the deadliest air attacks in the country since 2017, when the United States killed 100 militants. President Trump gave the United States military permission to carry out more attacks on militants in Somalia last year.

Archaeologists discover “one of a kind” tomb - Egyptian archaeologists in Egypt discovered a tomb that hasn’t been touched in over 4,000 years. The tomb belonged to a priest, and officials have called the discovery “one of a kind.” The priest was a man named Wahyte, and his tomb was decorated with hieroglyphs and statues of pharaohs. Once archaeologists start excavating the tomb, they expect to find more artifacts.


Asia stocks continue decline
- Stocks across Asia have seen a steady decline which are likely a result of Wall Street’s slump on Monday when U.S. Markets opened. President Donald Trump’s tweet from last week suggested that the reason for the slowed economic growth in China was a direct result of a trade war with the U.S. Now, major stock indexes are at or nearing bear market territory, adding to fears of slowing global growth.

Explosion injures dozens in Japan - Japanese officials are investigating the cause of an explosion in a restaurant. The explosion, which some believe was a gas blast, injured 42 people, and one of those people remains in serious condition. Japan says the number of injuries could rise, and over 20 fire engines were called to the scene at the time of the blast.


German journalist in custody in Venezuela
- German journalist Billy Six is being held in Venezuela, according to the German Foreign Ministry. Six writes for a right-wing newspaper, and he was arrested while reporting on Venezuela’s economic crisis. According to rights groups, Six is being held in the Helicoide prison, a prison that has seen a high rate of prison riots this year.

Putin wants more control of rap music - Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked the government to “take charge” of rap music. He said it’s impossible to ban rap music, but the state could play a greater role in controlling it. Russian rapper Husky missed numerous concerts recently when he was jailed for performing on the roof of a car. Putin said the problem (rap music) should be approached “with great caution.”

Latin America

Maduro accuses U.S. of trying to kill him
- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the United States of plotting to kill him. He specifically mentioned U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton being involved in the plot, but he didn’t provide evidence. Maduro has thrown other acquisitions out in the past against the country about trying to kill him, and he has also accused Colombia of a similar plot.

New train project to run through five Mexican states - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced at an indigenous ceremony that he is expecting a Maya Train project to create thousands of jobs. The project will run through five states in the country, and it will link Palenque to Cancun. Lopez Obrador promised that the project won’t destroy a single tree.

North America

U.S. Senate’s new report says Russia used social media to spread propaganda
- According to a report released by the U.S. Senate, Russia used YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal to spread propaganda. The report analyzed millions of social media posts that were provided by Twitter, Facebook and Google. Many of the propaganda messages came from the Internet Research Agency, a Russian company that has been called a troll farm by the United States. The company has ties with Russia’s government.

Rare diamond discovered - Dominion Diamond Mines, a Canadian mine, announced that it discovered a 552-carat yellow gemstone. The diamond was discovered south of the Arctic Circle in October, and it measures 1.3 inches by 2.14 inches. Kyle Washington, chairman of Dominion Diamond Mines, says the diamond tops the list of beautiful diamonds. The diamond was unexpectedly discovered by the company.





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