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A week in review 01/02/19
Photo courtesy: Cagle Cartoons

By Joseph Rios


Tourists killed in Egypt
- Two tourists were killed and 12 others were injured when a hidden bomb exploded as a bus was passing by near the Giza pyramids in Egypt. It is unknown who hid the bomb, but militants have targeted tourists in the past. Last year, two German tourists were stabbed in a hotel near a Red Sea resort. Tourism is an important economic generator for Egypt.

Protests held in Democratic Republic of Congo - After the Democratic Republic of Congo’s presidential election was postponed, protestors attacked a clinic where patients who may have Ebola were being cared for. The country’s electoral commission said an Ebola outbreak is one of the reasons the election was postponed. However, others have accused officials of attempting to rig the vote.


China intelligence chief sentenced
- Former Chinese intelligence chief Ma Jian has been under investigation since 2015, and he was kicked out of the Communist Party in 2016. Now, Jian has been sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes and insider training. Jian helped a wanted fugitive. The fugitive lives in New York, and he published topics regarding corruption in China.

North Korean defectors’ information leaks - Around 1,000 North Korean defectors had their personal data leaked, and analysts are concerned that the leak could endanger defectors’ family members who are still in the country. Among the information that was leaked were names, birth dates and addresses. The leak occurred after a computer at a resettlement center in South Korea was hacked.


Putin targets teenage protestors
- Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new law that will require children to spend up to two weeks in jail if they protest. According to Russia’s Interior Ministry, 475 teenagers were arrested at unauthorized protests in 2018. Recently, Russia has seen a heavy amount of protests as the country prepares to raise the retirement age.

Germany may look to EU to strengthen military - Germany may look to recruit EU citizens to its military as it aims to increase its military members by 21,000 by 2025. Among the positions that the country is trying to fill include doctors and IT specialists. According to Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s Army is made up of 12 percent women. According to German law, soldiers in the German military have to be German.

Latin America

Argentine woman rescued, decades later
- During the 1980s an Argentine woman, whose name has not been released, was seized by human traffickers. Earlier this year, police received a tip that she was in Bolivia, and in a joint operation between Argentine and Bolivian authorities, the woman was rescued and returned to her family. She is now 45, and her son was also freed.

Puebla governor dies - Puebla Gov. Martha Erika Alonso and Sen. Rafael Moreno Valle were killed in a helicopter crash in Puebla. An investigation is currently ongoing, but it is believed that the helicopter may have had an unspecified failure. Alonso became Puebla’s first female governor in December, and Moreno served as Puebla’s governor until 2017.

North America

Michelle Obama is America’s most admired woman
- According to an annual Gallup Poll, former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama is America’s most admired woman. Hillary Clinton held the position for over 15 years, but this year she came in third, behind Oprah Winfrey and Obama. Over 1,000 men and women were surveyed about the topic, and former President Barack Obama took the position for most admired man.

Government shutdown continues - The U.S. government has been in a partial shutdown, and President Donald Trump is threatening to shut down the Mexican border over illegal immigration if Congress doesn’t fund his border wall. Trump tweeted “Either we build the wall, or we close the border.” Thousands of federal employees are on unpaid leave as the government shutdown continues.





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