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A week in review 01/16/19
Photo courtesy: Library of Congress

By Joseph Rios


South Africa soccer player dies
- Former South Africa soccer captain Lucas Radebe has passed away at the age of 49. He died of cancer, and he first debuted on the soccer field for South Africa in 1992 against Cameroon. He is most known for scoring a goal against Congo that guaranteed South Africa to its first World Cup in 1998. Former South Africa player Steven Pienaar called Radebe a “football legend.”

Teachers return to work in Guinea - After a three-month strike, schools in Guinea are finally open again. Teachers were striking over pay and work conditions, but the teachers’ union reached a deal with the government. Teachers accused the government of breaking a deal that would’ve guaranteed them a pay hike back in October. Now, teachers will be guaranteed a 40 percent raise.


Exports and imports drop for China
- Exports and imports for China both dropped recently. Last month, exports from China dropped by 4.4 percent and imports fell by 7.6 percent. The data comes from the most recent trade figures, and it also revealed that China’s trade surplus with the United States reached record highs last year. China and the United States both entered in talks recently to end a trade war.

Bollywood director accused of sexual assault - Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani is accused of sexually assaulting a coworker for over six months. India is also in the midst of a #Metoo movement, and Hirani is the most high-profile Bollywood figure to be accused of sexual assault. Journalists, artists, comedians, authors and more have also been accused of sexual assault in India.


Holocaust victim remains to be searched for
- Remains of Hungarian Jews killed during the Holocaust are to be searched for by Israeli officials. Nazis killed thousands of Jews near the Budapest, Hungary, and divers will use a device that can hit a depth of 500 ft. Around 14 years ago, Hungary created a memorial called The Shoes on the Danube Promenade to honor Jews who were murdered in the area.

Brexit survival kits being sold - As Brexit looms, people in the United Kingdom are purchasing survival kits. In those kits are frozen-dried food, a water filter and fire-starting gel. The United Kingdom is saying there is no need to purchase the survival kits, but some fear for chaos after Brexit. Facebook groups like Preppers have also sprouted in which people discuss how to survive after Brexit.

Latin America

UN to remain in Guatemala
- Guatemala’s government had recently decided to kick out a member of the United Nations who was investigating the country’s President, Jimmy Morales. However, Guatemala’s constitutional court suspended the decision. Morales is accused of illegal acts, and members of the UN began leaving the country, due to security purposes.

Bus crash kills seven in Cuba - In eastern Cuba, a bus crash killed at least seven people. Dozens of other people were injured, including people from the United States and Spain. The bus lost control on a wet road, according to the driver, but others suggested the driver was trying to overtake another vehicle. Aboard the bus were 40 people, including 22 foreigners.

North America

Judge rules against Trump’s birth control rules
- The Trump administration regulations were set to apply a rule that would allow employers and insurances to decline providing birth control if it violates religious, or moral beliefs. However, a California judge has blocked the rules. It was argued that the new rules could not go into fruition while there was a lawsuit against them.

Trump disgraced by Russia acquisitions - In response to a recent report that he hid a translation of a meeting with Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump denied working for Russia. Another recent report says the FBI launched an investigation into the president after Trump had fired FBI director James Comey in 2017. Trump said it’s a “disgrace” that he was questioned about whether he worked for Russia.





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