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A week in review 01/23/19
Photo courtesy: - California Senator Kamala Harris announced her bid for the 2020 presidential election. Harris has strongly opposed President Trump and his administration on everything from Trump’s purpose wall to immigration policy.

By Joseph Rios


TV host sentenced to hard labor in Egypt
- Mohamed al-Ghiety, an Egyptian TV host, has been sentenced to one year of hard labor for interviewing a gay man. He was also fined 3,000 pounds for “promoting homosexuality.” Homosexuality isn’t criminalized in the country, but authorities have been cracking down on gays recently. The channel that aired the interview was taken off air for two weeks.

Three found guilty of fraud for African charity - Former soccer players Efe Sodje and Stephen Sodje and former rugby player Bright Sodje were found guilty of fraud for siphoning money from a charity they set up to help African children. The charity was known as the Sodje Sports Foundation, and it was created to provide facilities in Nigeria. Money raised from events like auctions, black-tie dinners and other events were put into the Sodje bank accounts.


China’s economy slowing down
- In a recent report, data suggests that China’s economy grew at its slowest rate since 1990 in 2018. China’s economy expanded by 6.6 percent, and there is concern about the effect it will have on the global economy. Beijing officials had predicted the slowed down growth rate previously, and the country is going to focus on its quality of growth.

Taliban target military compound - Militants in Afghanistan targeted a military compound and killed at least 20 security members. The Taliban are thought to be the suspected attackers when they rammed a vehicle with explosions through a military checkpoint. The attack targeted members of the National Directorate of Security, and last year, the country announced that over 28,000 Afghan police and soldiers have been killed since 2015.


Facebook ready for more jobs in Ireland
- Facebook is ready to create 1,000 new jobs in Ireland this year. The new jobs will stretch across 60 different teams for Facebook in Dublin, County Meath and County Cork. There are currently 4,000 Facebook employees in Ireland. Facebook also announced it will put more funds toward two online safety programs in the country.

Two die in the French Alps - People in the French Alps area are mourning the death of two people after a large fire broke out at the Courchevel ski resort. Of the 25 injuries, four are believed to be serious, and the fire was started in a building where seasonal workers stayed at. Fire departments deployed 70 firefighters to try to control the fire, and officials are unsure of what the cause of the fire was.

Latin America

Deadly pipeline explosion hits Hidalgo
- In Hidalgo, Mexico, dozens were killed when a fuel pipeline exploded last Friday. The incident occurred after a line was ruptured when thieves tried to steal fuel. At least 79 people were killed and 74 others were hospitalized. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has recently been targeting fuel thefts, but some say that has created shortages.

Colombians peacefully protest - After the death of 20 police cadets in a car bomb attack, thousands of people took to the streets in Colombia for a peaceful protest. Thousands chanted “no to terrorism,” and they were joined by President Ivan Duque and former president Juan Manuel Santos. Duque blamed the attack on the National Liberation Army.

North America

Kamala Harris to run for president
- California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris announced that she will run for president in 2020. Her announcement makes her the eighth person to seek the party’s nomination. She had previously served as the state’s attorney general, and she was elected to be a senator in 2016. Among others who have also announced their intentions to run for president include Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard.

Chicago officer found guilty in teenage killing - Former Chicago officer Jason Van Dyke has been sentenced to six years and nine months in jail for killing a 17-year-old black teenager. Laquan McDonald was killed in 2014, and a video of Van Dyke shooting him repeatedly surfaced on the internet a year after the incident. Protests were held, and others accused Van Dyke of abuse as well.





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