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‘The People’ will have the final say
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

One of the important dynamic tensions between the people and their government are the allowances concerning how far institutions can go in defending the principles they are chartered to preserve. These allowances are primarily based on the relevance of institutional work to the everyday needs of the public.

That is why it is of utmost importance that legislative bodies at the local, state and national levels convene to change, upgrade or draw up new laws designed to respond to current needs and, at the same time, maintain the relevancy of our institutions. That is also why our courts are regularly called on to confirm that relevance and its relationship to the Constitution.

Government is sustained, nurtured, populated and represented by institutions. It is on their vitality that the strength of government relies to carry out its functions of managing a country.

What happens however, when institutions lose their vitality or are weak to begin with and how do we know that this is so? That is one of the major questions facing America today as we are seeing institution after institution being attacked and degraded for personal, political and expediency purposes.

Institutions under attack, degraded or abolished is a call to the people to act to restore relevant order or create a new one. This is the case of Venezuela, one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America with oil reserves to match that now has become a failed state.

Democracy and its institutions were so undermined and even abolished in favor of a Socialist dictatorship that the country has become a basket case that can not feed its people. Now, the people are appearing to have stepped in and are in survival mode as they try to find their way out of tragedy and catastrophe.

Ironically, the United States and its internal institutions and global commercial and security alliances are also under attack by our political leadership at the top that wants to take the country back to a time when it was less than a world power. Its anti-democratic extremists continue to seeks ways, where they hold control, to deny the emerging new majority, that is the people of color, rights beginning with that of voting.

For example, the Texas Secretary of State recently announced a list of 95,000 registered voters whose right to vote he is questioning. This kind of attacks is going on across the country as America First activists attempt to hold on to the political levers of power.

The most dangerous institutional attacks and abuses are those directed at the Department of Justice that includes its U.S. Attorneys and the FBI (that are at the heart of the Trump Russia conspiracy investigations), the security services that include the military intelligence, the National Security Agency and the CIA (whose word is believed less than that of the Russians), the Department of Homeland Security (Mexico and the Trump Wall) and the Environmental Protection Agency that is gradually losing its authority to prevent pollution (in the middle of a world climate crisis).

The attack on our institutions has been a clear call for everyday folks to get involved. So far, the voices that have engaged are largely expression for and against President Trump.

The 2018 mid-term elections were very much a referendum on Trump. The people across the country spoke in no uncertain terms about this.

The 2020 national elections will no doubt be more of the same. It is also clear that the people will have the final say.





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