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A week in review 02/13/19
Photo courtesy: Amy Klobuchar

By Joseph Rios


Kenyan activist missing
- Caroline Mwatha, an activist against extra-judicial killings by police in Kenya, has been missing for six days as of Feb. 11. Mwatha is a founding member of the Dandora Community Justice Centre. The group documents cases of extrajudicial killings. The hashtag “FindCarolineMwatha” is trending on Twitter in Kenya, and she has been described as a “gallant human rights defender” by a rights group.

Zimbabwe vice president receiving treatment - Zimbabwe vice-president Constatino Chiwenga is receiving medical treatment in India. He recently denied being airlifted to South Africa, and government officials took to social media to say that he is recovering from a minor abdominal ailment. He is seen as a potential successor for the country’s current president, Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Police admit to using snake on suspect
- Police in Indonesia admitted to using a snake to scare a suspected thief. The incident appeared in a video online, and it shows police laughing as they placed the snake on a handcuffed man. The suspect was accused of having stolen cellphones. The police chief of the department called the snake incident unprofessional and added that the snake was tame and non-venomous.

K-pop group becomes first of its kind at the Grammys - BTS, a Korean pop group, became the first K-pop group to be at the Grammy Awards. They wore tuxedos designed by South Korean designers as an ode to their heritage, and presented the best R&B album. The group said they had always dreamed of being at the Grammys, and they ensured that they would be back at the music awards.


Russia wants to test cyber defense system
- To test its cyber defense system, Russia is considering disconnecting from the global internet. If it were to make that move, it would only be briefly, and it is expected to happen before April 1. However, an exact date has not been pinpointed. With the possible test, data between Russian citizens and organization would stay inside the country, instead of being routed internationally.

Paris to sue Airbnb - Paris is planning on suing Airbnb, a popular rental service, accusing it of over 1,000 adverts for alleged illegal rentals. Homeowners in the country are allowed to rent out their properties for 120 days per year. Airbnb said the city’s rules are “inefficient and disproportionate.” Paris is Airbnb’s second most popular destination in regards to rentals.

Latin America

Haiti protests turn for the worst
- In Haiti, protests are worsening with each new day. Four people have been killed and others have been injured all in a span of four days of protests in Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital. Protestors are calling for Jovenel Moise, the country’s president, to step down as he faces accusations of corruption. Haiti struggles with poverty with 60 percent of the population living on less than $2 a day.

Brazilian anchor dies in helicopter crash - Ricardo Boechant, a 66-year-old news anchor, was killed in a helicopter crash in Sao Paulo. He was an award-winning radio and TV broadcaster. Boechant died after recording a morning radio show as he was traveling from Campinas. It is believed that the helicopter hit a lory on a ring road, causing the crash, and the pilot is also believed to be dead.

North America

Minnesota senator announces presidential aspirations
- Minnesota Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar announced that she is planning on making a run for president in 2020. She served as a former prosecutor, and she is 58 years old. So far, five women have entered the presidential race, a record total. Those women are Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard and Kirsten Gillibrand.

President Trump is healthy, according to the White House - After a four-hour physical examination, Sean Conley, a White House doctor, said President Donald Trump is in good health. Conley said he anticipates that Trump will remain healthy for the rest of his presidency. Trump is 72 years old, and he had been asked to lose at least ten pounds in the past. Trump is reported to eat heavy heaping’s of fast food and steaks.





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