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A week in review 02/20/19
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By Joseph Rios


NBA to launch Africa league
- At NBA All-Star Weekend, the NBA announced it is planning to launch a professional league in Africa. The league will be called the Basketball Africa League, and it will have 12 teams from six African countries. The number of countries can end up being higher. Former U.S. President Barack Obama will be involved in the league.

Gunmen kidnap over 100 people Last weekend - 176 people were kidnapped from a school in Cameroon by unidentified gunmen. Those who were kidnapped were mostly college students. Human Rights Watch said rebel groups were involved in the kidnapping, but nothing has been made official yet. The kidnappers released their targets after negotiations.


Honda to close Swindon car plant
- The Japanese car-maker Honda announced it will close its Swindon car plant in 2022. The move will cause a loss of nearly 3,500 jobs. Honda made 160,000 Honda Civics in Swindon last year, and nearly 90 percent of those cars were exported to the EU. Theresa May declined to comment on Honda’s decision until it formally announces it.

Fire sweep through dwellings - Nine people died after a fire swept through over 100 slum dwellings in Bangladeshi. At least 50 others were injured, and officials are investigating whether a short circuit caused the fire. It took fire officials nearly five hours to control the fire, and four members of one family were among those who died. Bangladesh has struggled with fire safety in the past.


French pilots rearrested
- Two French pilots, Pascal Fauret and Bruno Odos, were arrested and sentenced in the Dominican Republic. The two were arrested for having 26 suitcases filled with cocaine on board their plane in the country. They were sentenced in the Dominican Republic, but they fled to the French Antilles while they were on bail. They were both arrested when they reached France, and they have gone on trial in France.

Poland leaves summit after comments from Israel - Poland has pulled out of a summit for central European leaders after comments from Israel politicians. Israel’s acting Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz said “Polies imbibe anti-Semitism with their mother’s milk.” Poland Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called Katz’s remarks “racist and unacceptable.” The meeting was meant to bring together Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Latin America

Argentina soccer player buried
- Funeral services were held for Emiliano Sala in Argentina, his home country. Sala was 28 when his plane crashed along the English Channel last month. Salo played youth soccer in Argentina and began his professional career in France in 2012. He was playing for Cardiff City F.C. before his accident.

Woman released from prison in El Salvador - Evelyn Hernandez Cruz gave birth to a stillborn baby in a toilet, and she had been in a El Salvador prison for three years for aggravated homicide. She has been freed from what was a 30-year sentence. Cruz said she was unaware she was pregnant, and she is only 20. Activists cheered her on when she was released from jail.

North America

Immigration detention center to stop force feeding
- In El Paso, an immigration detention center has said it will stop force feeding migrants. Six men at the detention center have been being forcibly fed with the use of plastic nasal tubes. The United Nations said force feeding could become a form of torture, and others said using nasal tubes caused detrimental nose bleeding and vomiting.

California and New York to take legal action against Trump - California and New York are planning to take legal action after President Donald Trump said he would use emergency powers to get a border wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. Democrats called Trump’s move a “gross abuse of power.” Last Friday, Trump signed an emergency declaration and a spending bill to prevent another government shutdown.





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