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Week Of Special Interest 03/06/19
Photo courtesy: Hylands Hills Parks and Recreation

By La Voz Staff

Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation new facility

Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District, announced today the purchase of the former Broomfield/Westminster TRU FIT fitness club. The club, located at 2861 West 120th Ave. will be renamed FIT by Hyland Hills. Other TRU FIT facilities around the state and Texas are not affected in any way.

The FIT by Hyland Hills athletic club, with thousands of members, will join the Hyland Hills family of facilities which include their more well-known facilities: The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills, Water World, Adventure Golf & Raceway, the Ice Centre at the Promenade and the MAC senior center–with the City of Westminster, as well as dozens of parks, ball-fields, a gymnastics center, indoor sports arena, community centers, three swimming pools, and more.

Hyland Hills spokesperson Joann Cortéz said, “Hyland Hills’ goal is to serve the widest swath of our 25-square mile District with the best recreational facilities possible. This new facility will enable us to serve the far north portion of the District where we would like to have more community interaction and presence.”

Quiet zones on A-Line at University of Colorado

On March 1, quiet zones took effect in Denver along the University of Colorado A Line, meaning that the Regional Transportation District (RTD)’s commuter rail trains and freight trains will not routinely sound their horns when approaching nine of the line’s 11 crossings.

The formal process required by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to implement quiet zones in Denver has been completed. The FRA approved a waiver for constant warning times at the nine crossings, and the City and County of Denver filed a Notice of Establishment for quiet zones. This milestone was made possible by successful ongoing collaboration among RTD; its commuter rail concessionaire, Denver Transit Partners (DTP); the City and County of Denver; and FRA.

“Arriving at this significant day reflects thoughtful, diligent work by RTD and all of our partners,” said General Manager and CEO David Genova. “We remain appreciative of the public’s support and remind them to be our partners in safety and always exercise awareness and caution around trains.”

Our Government

White House

On Monday, President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order to help sea veterans seamlessly transition into the United States Merchant Marine. By simultaneously expanding veteran opportunities for great jobs at great wages it strengthens our Merchant Marine. The civilian men and women of the United States Merchant Marine who pilot sealift vessels represent a mission-critical component of United States military readiness. During times of conflict, these mariners transport military goods such as tanks, helicopters, or even troops—often in hostile waters and at great personal risk.

Colorado Governor

Gov. Jared Polis today joined a bipartisan group of legislators to highlight a reinsurance bill to help lower health care costs. HB19-1168 will reduce insurance premiums for individuals and families.

“We must address the high cost of health care, especially in our rural and mountain communities,” Governor Jared Polis said. “We have heard from Coloradans across the state about their struggles to afford insurance. This reinsurance program is a strategy that will help provide immediate relief by lowering costs for Colorado families.”

Denver Mayor

The City and County of Denver has reached a proposed settlement agreement with the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit over the removal of personal property during the cleanups of public areas. The proposed agreement is the result of many months of working together to forge an agreement that will make the city a national leader concerning the rights and treatment of those experiencing homelessness in America.





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