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A week in review 03/06/19
Photo courtesy:

By Joseph Rios


Sixty five witchdoctors arrested
- Tanzania police arrested 65 witchdoctors who are connected to ritual killings of at least 10 children. Children’s body parts were removed, who were killed in January. Some in Tanzania believe human body parts can bring wealth and good luck. Police ordered traditional healers to get a license.

Photojournalist released from prison - Award winning Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid has been released from prison after serving five years. He was arrested in 2013 when covering a crackdown by security forces during a sit-in by people who supported the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi. Amnesty International said Zeid was arrested for doing his job.


Two Canadians accused of spying in China
- China has accused a Canadian diplomat and a Canadian businessman of spying. Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were detained in December when Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada on suspicion of fraud. Meng is suing Canada for being arrested. The arrest has hurt relations between Canada and China. China says Spavor provided intelligence to Korvig. China has yet to provided details onf the allegations.

Turtles and tortoises discovered in Philippine airport - In the Philippines, over 1,500 turtles and tortoises were found wrapped in duct tape at an airport. The animals were worth over $86,000. The bags carrying the animals were abandoned, and police believe the people who owned the bags left because they were facing jail time. Some of the animals were identified as vulnerable species.


Hungary welcoming Venezuelan migrants
- Hungary, who is known for being hostile toward immigration and asylum, is welcoming Venezuelan refugees. If Venezuelans have Hungary ancestry, they can apply to go to the country. Some 350 Venezuelans have migrated to the country, and an additional 750 are expected to seek asylum. Hungary’s government sees the move as Hungarians who are “coming home,” but a small amount of the migrants were actually born in Hungary.

Catholic Church to open archives in Pius XII - Pope Francis said the Catholic Church is planning to open archives on Pius XII, who was the Pope during World War Two. Pius has been accused in the past of tolerating Nazi Germany as it rose to power. He is also accused of not doing enough to protect Jews during the Holocaust. The church says Pius worked behind the scenes helping Jews. Some Jewish groups have been calling for access to the archives for years.

Latin America

Venezuela activist returns
- Juan Guaidó has made his way back to Venezuela, risking arrest. Guaidó has opposed the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro, calling for his resignation and telling Venezuelans to participate in anti-government protests. Guaidó ignored a travel ban when he left Venezuela last month to visit other Latin American countries. He was seeking international aid for the country.

Former Brazil President briefly out of prison - Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was released from prison to attend his grandson’s funeral. His grandson died of meningitis, and supporters gathered to greet Lula. Lula is currently in prison on corruption charges. Lula argued his innocence at the funeral and said his conviction is politically motivated.

North America

Hickenlooper announces presidential bid
- Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper announced a 2020 presidential bid. Hickenlooper tweeted that the country is in crisis, and needs someone to bring people together. Fourteen other Democrats have already announced plans to pursue presidential bids. Political analysts suggest Hickenlooper lacks name recognition compared to other Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

House Judiciary Committee seeking documents - The House Judiciary committee announced it is seeking documents that allege obstruction of justice corruption and abuse of power committed by President Donald Trump. At least 60 people have received requests from the committee, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said he believes Trump obstructed justice. Trump has denied any wrongdoing and said the Democrats are orchestrating a witch hunt.





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