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A week in review 03/13/19
Photo courtesy: Pixabay - U.S. Airplane manufacturer Boeing is under fire after a second plane crash, of their Boeing 737 (model shown above) in five months. Lion Air Flight 610 crashed nearly after take-off from Jakarta Indonesia on October 28th. On March 10th, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed shortly after take-off from Addis Ababa. One hundred forty five passengers and 8 crew members died in the crash.

By Joseph Rios


Algeria President won’t seek reelection
- Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced he is not seeking a fifth term in office, and April elections have been postponed. His candidacy had sparked protests across Algeria in recent weeks, and he hasn’t spoken to the public since 2014. He suffered from a stroke in 2013, and he has been the president of the country for 20 years.

Ghana plans to fight child slavery - After a recent report found that 20,000 children are involved in slavery in Ghana, the country has promised to take action. The children are slaves on Lake Volta, and call fishermen “master.” They’ve been sold for amounts as small as $250 and typically travel to the lake from hundreds of miles away. In 2017, Ghana hosted National Child Labor Day to bring light to the issue.


Ferry collides with whale
- Over 80 people were hurt in the Sea of Japan when a ferry hit a whale. The ship was on its way to Sado Island from Niigata. There were over 120 people on board of the ferry at the time, but it still managed to reach its destination. At least 13 people were considered to be in serious condition. Humpback whales are migrating through the Sea of Japan.

North Korea prepares for launch - Satellite images show that North Korea is preparing to launch a missile, or satellite. Satellites caught increased activity at a site where the country is known to assemble most of its missiles and rockets. Reports recently suggest that North Korea’s main rocket launch site was rebuilt. Trump said he would be disappointed if North Korea resumed its weapons testing.


Dairy firm sets new climate goals
- The Arla Foods dairy firm is planning to make its operations carbon neutral by 2050. The move will impact over 2,000 farms, and the firm said its goal is “ambitious.” The Vegan Society noted that it is impossible to make dairy climate friendly. Arla is the largest farming co-operative in Europe, but it believes its goal is reachable.

Turkey in recession - Turkey’s official statistics office indicates that the country went into a recession toward the end of last year. The country’s economy shrunk by 2.4 percent during the fourth quarter of last year. Due to a trade war with the United States, there was a drop in Turkey’s currency. That made imports more expensive than previous years.

Latin America

Colombia plane crash kills 12
- Authorities in Colombia say a plane crash left all 12 people on board dead. The pilot of the plane reported technical problems, and investigators are still trying to identify those who died. No further details were given about the crash, but remains of the plane were discovered an hour after air traffic control lost contact with the pilot.

Three women freed from jail after abortion charges - In El Salvador, the country’s Supreme Court freed three women who were serving a 30-year sentence after being accused of getting abortions. The women said they had miscarriages, but the country convicted them of aggravated homicide. Two of them had served nine years in prison, while another women had spent over 11 years in prison. El Salvador’s abortion laws are some of the strictest in the world.

North America

New childcare fund in proposed U.S. budget
- President Donald Trump’s record budget contains a $1 billion childcare fund that was pushed by Ivanka Trump. The childcare plan envisions improving access to care for underserved populations. Ivanka has lobbied for women’s economic issues. According to the Economy Policy Institute, it costs $22,600 for full-time childcare in the country.

Jaguar attacks woman at Arizona zoo - In Arizona, a woman stepped over a barrier at a zoo to take a selfie where she was attacked by a jaguar. Her injuries are not life threatening, and the same jaguar had attacked someone who crossed the barrier before. However, the recent incident was considered “human error,” and the jaguar will not be euthanized. The zoo tweeted it was sending prayers to the woman’s family.





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