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A week in review 03/27/19
Photo courtesy: Pete Souza - White House (P042013PS-0352) - Special Counsel Robert Mueller has wrapped up the investigation regarding Russian meddling into the 2016 Presidential Election. Attorney General William Barr has indicated that the Special Counsel has reported there were no findings that President Trump or any of his staff coluded with Russian foreign agents.

By Joseph Rios


Ghana looks to fight traffic accidents
- Ghana is planning to introduce speed limit devices to help combat a high amount of traffic accidents. In the country, six people die on roads each day. In two separate accidents last week, over 60 people died. Last year, over 2,000 people died from road accidents. Causes of accidents in the country include speeding, drunk driving and dangerous overtaking.

Man charged with terrorism in South Sudan - Peter Biar Ajak was detained last year after criticizing South Sudan’s political leaders. He was charged with terrorism in South Sudan, and has been in detention for eight months. Ajak is 35, and at a court in Juba, he was charged with sabotage against the state, possession of firearms and public disorder and banditry.


Jet Airways chairman leaves
- Jet Airways, an Indian airline, announced that its founder will step down as chairman of the company. The airline is in debt by over $1 billion, and some flights have been grounded, because the airline can’t pay their employees. After the announcement of the chairman stepping down, the airline’s stock went up by 12 percent.

Chinese student kidnapped in Canada - Chinese student Wangzhen Lu was kidnapped by four men with a stun-gun in Canada. Lu is 22, and the motive for the kidnapping is unknown, but Canadian police say violence was significant. Lu was approached by three men in masks, and he was forced into a van in an underground car park. He had a friend with him at the time, but she was not harmed.


UK/Cuba move toward better relations
- For the first time in history, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will become the first members of the royal family to visit Cuba. The move is seen as progress toward establishing better relationships between the United Kingdom and Cuba. The two visited a wreath-laying ceremony for Jose Marti, a poet and well known journalist.

France protests continue - In France, a 73-year-old woman was injured doing protests when police charged at a demonstration. She fell and hit her head, and as a result, the woman’s family is taking legal action. The woman suffered from skull fractures and bleeding next to her brain, and she is currently in stable condition. On Saturday, 40,000 people marched across France.

Latin America

Russia sends out troops to Venezuela
- Russia deployed dozens of troops and equipment to Venezuela’s main airport over the weekend. Russia is an ally of Venezuela, and the planes were deployed to “fulfill technical military contracts. The United States contacted Russia, asking the country to “cease its unconstructive behavior.” Russia has lend Venezuela billions of dollars.

Archaeologists find Aztec sacrifices - Archaeologists discovered a trove of Aztec sacrifices, and they believe it could lead to an Aztec emperor’s tomb. An Aztec royal burial has never been discovered, despite years of searching. Among the things discovered in the trove of sacrifices was a jaguar dressed like a warrior. Researchers anticipate discovering more objects.

North America

Mueller Report is out
- Following the release of the summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, President Trump said his enemies will be under scrutiny. The report cleared Trump of working with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. Trump said people have done “very, very evil things” regarding the Mueller report. The report didn’t conclude Trump committed a crime, but it also did not exonerate him.

Apple introduces credit card service - Apple announced it will launch its own credit card, titled Apple Card. The card will be an iPhone and physical version, and it is expected to come out this week. Apple anticipates not charging late fees, annual fees, or international fees with the iPhone version of the card. The card was created with assistance from Goldman Sachs and MasterCard.





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