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Latinos as the “Jews” of America
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

Israel under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has aggressively sought to expand its territory at the expense of West Bank Palestinians and now is seeking to annex the Syrian Golan Heights. Criticism of these policies as well as the lack of progress on a two-state solution in Palestine at times has been conflated with anti-Semitic attitudes and narratives.

To complicate things, Israel is largely led by White Europeans that contrast dramatically with their Semitic brethren in the Palestine experience. As a developed European-style country, Israel with the help of Europe and the United States, has been able not only to epically defend itself against long odds, but also is successfully taking land away from its enemies.

Given the racial face of Israel and the racial face of Jews in America, it is rather astonishing to see that they continue to be the target of the Alt-Right, the America First, White nationalist, Nazi and Southern Confederate Movement in the United States. The “You Will Not Replace Us,” a slogan meant for Jewish ears has been part of White nationalists demonstrations including that of Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Irony is that “You Will Not Replace Us,” “Blood and Soil (a German Nazi term)”, “White Lives Matter (adopted by the White-supremacist movement)” and “Hail Trump (an Alt-Right hero)” uttered against Jews is really misdirected because Jewish Americans as well as Black Americans, as powerful as they are seen on the public stage, are demographic minorities that are destined to remain so in the future. The truth is that “You Will Not Replace Us,” the cry of a group feeling the gradual loss of its demographic majority and political power has more relevance when directed to the Latino community.

Donald Trump appears to have understood that when he created his anti-Latino foundation to the campaign for president and now his emergency decree to block Central American families from applying for asylum. The policy of denying entry to the United States to these people is part of a larger effort to stem the flow of immigrants in order to slow the growth of Latinos in America and prevent the eventual “replacement” of the majority from taking place.

Some 40 years ago, I had occasion to attend a seminar by a national expert on demographic realities and projections. He offered a slide presentation where Latinos appeared to be most heavily represented in the Southwest, some parts of the west and east coasts and in the Midwest.

What stood out to me however, was the amount of “dots” in every state and every region rural and urban that represented little pockets of people. Today, those dots have become giant globs of population as Latinos have become the fastest growing major minority in the country.

One of the principle reasons for the radicalization of certain sectors of the White community and the rapid growth of White nationalism and White supremacy is the feeling that the social, political and economic power they had over others is slowly ebbing away. Going into the streets to demonstrate their grievances seems to be caused by that.

The Jews in Europe before World War II and the Jews in America never have been a demographic threat to any democratic society. Latinos have that capability as they continue to grow rapidly.

Jews globally have a history of persecution for who they are. Latinos, an oppressed and ignored population that has come to the forefront in a time of great need are persecuted for what they have become.





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