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Brothers Redevelopment Inc., a resource for senior housing
Image Courtesy: BRI

By Joseph Rios

Brothers Redevelopment Inc. started out in the 1970s when its team canvased the community to find and meet housing needs for residents. In the 80s, the organization purchased Edgewater Plaza – an area located at 2250 Eaton St. in Edgewater. Today, that area is home to those who are seniors, or disabled. It is part of the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly program, a program from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that helps expand affordable housing options to the elderly.

In 2014, the organization created Colorado Housing Connects, an important resource for those who are facing housing issues. Colorado Housing Connects (1-844-926-6632) is a line that residents can call for help with housing.

Brothers Redevelopment Inc., a Denver nonprofit that provides housing solutions for low-income, elderly and disabled residents, gets involved in the community by doing more than just providing housing options – it gets out in the community and makes a difference with neighbors.

Take for example its Paint-A-Thon. Painting the outside of a house can be expensive, sometimes reaching costs of $5,000. Brothers Redevelopment Inc. will go around houses to those who are 60 years or older, or disabled, to paint the exterior of their houses for free. The organization has painted over 7,000 houses, and it has had 133,000 people volunteer.

When retirement comes around, it can bring a set of challenges for some residents. Brothers Redevelopment Inc. looks to help those who are retiring through its Brothers’ Aging in Place Initiative. The initiative comes with a customized plan for people who are retiring in order to help ease the transition out of the work force.

Through the initiative, Brothers Redevelopment Inc. helps with budgeting, identifying programs for food, helping to keep homes maintained, helping with credit scores and planning with long-term sustainability in mind.

An example of the type of impact Brothers Redevelopment Inc. has on the community can be seen through the eyes of Kathi Wright. Wright is an elderly woman who is the primary caregiver for her daughter who has Down Syndrome. Busy with taking care of her daughter, Wright doesn’t have time to paint the outside of her house. Brothers Redevelopment Inc. and a group of volunteers took care of the work for her and canvased other houses as well.

For more information about Brothers Redevelopment Inc. visit You can also call 303-202-6340, or email If you wish to donate to the organization you can by visiting

Brothers Redevelopment Inc. also looks for volunteers for Paint-A-Thon. For further information call Chad Nibbelink at 720-339-5864, or email





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