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A week in review 04/10/19
Photo courtesy: Department of Homeland Security - Colorado Springs native and former Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen resigned from her position on Sunday after a meeting with President Trump. Those close to the administration have reported that the President is looking to move in a “tougher,” direction.

By Joseph Rios


Rwanda remembers genocide
- Rwanda recently reflected on the country’s 25th anniversary of a genocide that killed over 750,000 people. The country’s president said Rwanda has become “a family” again, and it is scheduling 100 days of mourning. The genocide stemmed from ethnic Hutu extremists that killed minority Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

Tanzania to ban plastic bags - Tanzania is preparing to ban single-use plastic bags. The country’s environment minister said it is possible that the ban could begin sometime in July. Kenya recently called on Uganda and Tanzania to do something against the use of plastic bags being taken into the country. Currently, Kenya and Rwanda are the only East African countries that have a ban on single-use plastic bags.


Nissan votes to remove member from board
- Nissan voted to remove Carlos Ghosn from its board. Ghosn, the man who led the company, was arrested in Tokyo last week when he was out on bail over allegations of financial misconduct. Ghosn is accused of transferring $5 million from Nissan’s finances to his own personal accounts. Ghosn has denied any wrongdoing.

Hong Kong may change extradition laws - Hong Kong is in the midst of possible changes to extradition laws. If implemented, the laws would allow for suspects to be transferred to mainland China for trial. The move is happening, so that a murder suspect can be sent to Taiwan for trial. However, the possible changes caused over 100,000 people to rally in Hong Kong’s streets.


European nationalists form alliance
- With their eyes set on changing the power in the European Union, European nationalist parties announced an alliance. Among those in that alliance are a Germany far-right party, the Danish People’s Party and Italy Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. Nationalist groups represent the smallest of groups in the European Parliament.

London looks to halt pollution from older cars - If a driver has an older vehicle that causes pollution, they will be charged when they enter a congestion zone in London. The city hopes that by charging to enter a zone, they will reduce the number of cars that contribute to pollution. Some small businesses said they are worried about their future because of the new law.

Latin America

March held against animal cruelty in Cuba
- People with their pets took to the streets in Cuba to hold a march against animal cruelty. This is the first independent protest allowed in the country. Cuba has been going through some changes recently. In December, the country allowed for 3G mobile internet. Before that happened, people had to go to internet cafes.

Brazil schoolbooks to be revised - Brazil announced that its schoolbooks will be revised to teach a “wider version of history” in regards to the 1964 military ousting of then President Joan Goulart. The country’s education minister denied that the 1964 incident was a coup. Following Goulart’s ousting, the military ruled over the country for 21 years. Thousands were detained and tortured, and over 400 people were killed, or went missing.

North America

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security resigns
- Kirstjen Nielsen, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, announced that she will resign from her position. President Donald Trump said Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan will be a temporary replacement. Nielsen resigned shortly after Trump said he wants a tougher immigration policy. Border crossing from Central America have recently risen.

Chicago shootings increase over the weekend - Over the weekend, there were 24 shootings and five murders that took place across Chicago. In one instance, a gunman opened fire at a gathering, resulting in two children being injured. During the first two months of the year, there were 44 murders in Chicago. Last year, there were 80 in the city. Police blamed gang conflict for the shootings.





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