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A week in review 04/17/19
Photo courtesy: City of Aspen - The City of Aspen has committed to 100 percent renewable energy. While cities like Boulder and Breckenridge have committed to accomplishing 100 percent renewable by 2030 and 2025. Aspen has been at 100 percent since 2015, paving the way for more Colorado cities to follow.

By Joseph Rios


Empty desks remember kidnapped school girls
- Officials placed empty desks with name tags at the Unity Fountain in Nigeria in honor of the 112 school girls who are being held by Boko Haram militants. Oby Ezekwesili, co-founder of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, tweeted that the girls are not statistics as she called for the country’s president to work harder to rescue the girls.

England to pay out Ghanaians - The British government is preparing to hand out over $15 million to veterans of the British Armed Forces. The recipients include a 94-year-old man who fought for Britain’s military during World War II. The British government had promised cash payments to veterans in 1946, but it never happened. Ghana’s Veterans Administration expects 200 veterans to be eligible for payment.


Indian airline continues to struggle
- Jet Airways, an Indian airline, couldn’t secure emergency funding. Last week, the company had to suspend all of its international flights. The cancellation impacted thousands of people keeping them stranded. Jet Airways’ debt is over $1.2 billion. The company’s pilots, engineers and ground staff have not been paid since Dec.

Tourist dies on popular Thailand zipline course - Chiang Mai, a Canadian tourist, fell over 330 feet in Thailand while he was on a zipline cable. The cable snapped after he started a zipline course. The zipline course, Flight of the Gibbon, was shut down after the incident. It was previously shutdown three years ago when Israeli tourists ran into each other and suffered injuries.


Notre Dame Cathedral catches fire
- The main structure of the Notre-Dame Cathedral is still intact, but a fire caused the building’s spire and roof to collapse. France President Emmanuel Macron called the fire a terrible tragedy. It is unknown what caused the fire, but it could be a result from renovation work. One firefighter was injured while fighting the fighter.

Russian priest exiled - Sergio Zotov, an Orthodox priest in Russia, has been sent to a remote village, because his wife participated in a beauty pageant during Lent. The village only has a population of 4,000 people. Zotov will not be rehabilitated until his wife ‘repents,” according to Archpriest Feodor Saprykin. Zotov said he made a mistake, but called his exile merciful.

Latin America

Venezuela President recruiting civilian militia
- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is beginning the process of recruiting a million people to his civilian militia by the end of the year. Recently, opposition leader Juan Guaido attempted to talk the country’s military out of answering to Maduro. Nothing has changed so far with the military. Guaido is backed by the United States.

Former Peru president turns himself in - Former Peru President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski turned himself into police. Kuczynski is accused of accepting bribes from Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction company. He resigned last month during an impeachment effort against him. Odebrecht admitted to bribing politicians in Latin America. The last five presidents in Peru have either spent time in jail for corruption, or they are currently under investigation for fraud.

North America

Tornadoes hit south
- Tornadoes have been sweeping across southern states. At least eight people have died from the storms, including two children in Texas. States impacted include Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. It is estimated that around 11 tornadoes have touched down, and the storm is expected to move toward the East Coast. Ohio, South Carolina and Virginia are all on tornado warning.

Democrats call on Trump to release taxes - House Ways and Means chairman Richard Neal said U.S. President Donald Trump must release his tax returns by April 23. Trump didn’t meet a recent April 10 deadline, and Neal said if he doesn’t release his taxes, it would be seen as a denial of request. Recently, a Trump aide said that the Democrats will never see Trump’s tax returns.





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