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Denver City elections are upon us
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

It seems that the Holy Week that just passed became a magnet for some of the most unholiest events in our history. Among the most terrible developments was the fire that almost destroyed all of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Mueller report that documents the criminal behavior of our President and his administration and the suicide bombings in Sri Lanka aimed at Christians in churches and hotels.

Although two out of the three events occurred outside of the United States, they nevertheless represent a challenge to our values and what is enduring about American heritage and its system of religious and democratic beliefs. Notre-Dame de Paris meaning Our Lady of Paris and its Gothic design displays a breakthrough in Medieval architecture that took a hundred years to build (1160-1260).

Even with all of its redacted pages, the Mueller report on Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election offers a portrait of collusion, lies and outright obstruction of justice by the President, his campaign and his administration. To make matters worse, the Attorney General decided to publish the report during Holy Week, a sacred time and space and is incompatible with the teachings of Christ through his life, death and resurrection.

The bloodbath in Sri Lanka and its inhumanity is a reminder that what happened in that far-off place to the Christian community and others is an echo of what has been happening in the United States with tragic frequency. Radical divisions that are part of our fabric today offer increasing opportunities for those that want to do wrong because they believe it is right.

Our response should be to do our civic duty and guard our liberty by being vigilant and involved in the affairs of our community. One major opportunity that is already here is casting our vote by May 7th for candidates running for city offices and casting our vote for or against issues of major concern to life in Denver.

In looking at our community, the biggest issues appear to be associated with housing and community living conditions. Gentrification has brought new life to city neighborhoods but has, at the same time, tended to change the character of the localities.

Some of the new neighbors have a different vision of city life and want and have made changes to their surroundings in order to accommodate that vision. Among the most consequential results is the erosion of the sense of community that was so much the identity backbone that characterized neighborhood life.

To accommodate the new comers, real estate developers have increased population density by increasing the number of people in the same space. Some of this increase comes from “slot housing” created from empty lots or lots that had their homes scraped off.

I am sure that there are other important issues that we need to think about, including transportation, the quality of our roads and the increasing density of traffic. These issues and others require a strong voice from the people and in this case, the voter.

By the way, in the vote for Mayor, there will be a runoff in June if none of the candidates get at least 50 percent + of the votes in May. So, please go out and vote for your favorite candidate so that she/he can at least be in the runoff.

This is the time for every voting member in the city of Denver to be in charge. May 7th is an important deadline to meet.

I already cast my ballot. Have you?





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