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A week in review 05/08/19
Photo courtesy: U.S. Navy - The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) and the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group (ABECSG) are on their way to the Middle East in response to Iranian troops making preperations for attacks against U.S. forces in the region.

By Joseph Rios


Fuel tank explosion leaves dozens dead
- In Niger, a fuel tank lorry exploded near an airport, leaving at least 58 people dead. People were near the lorry collecting fuel when it turned over next to railway tracks when it was trying to park. Thirty-seven others were injured from the explosion, and the country’s president, Mahamadou Issoufou visited some in the hospital.

Militia leader refuses a ceasefire truce - Libya militia leader Khalifa Haftar sent a message denying a request for a ceasefire during Ramadan. The UN had asked for a truce in honor of the holiday. When Haftar launched an attack in Tripoli a month ago it caused thousands of people to flee their homes. Haftar called for his supporters to increase attacks.


Ramadan celebrations begin
- Muslims around the world are beginning to celebrate Ramadan. The holiday is celebrated in honor of the Koran and Muhammad. Some who participate in the holiday will not eat, or drink water during daylight for May. The month is determined by the lunar cycle, and celebrations officially began on May 6.

North Korea tests out missiles - North Korea leader Kim Jong-un oversaw a strike drill that tested missile components. Some were fired from the Hodo Peninsula to the Sea of Japan. The country said it decided to partake in missile tests to increase combat activity. President Donald Trump tweeted he doesn’t believe the country would put the two countries’ relationship in jeopardy.


Fleas infest Paris police station
- In northeast Paris, a flea infestation has caused a partial shutdown of a police station. Some of the police services have been moved, but officers are continuing to work in the building. The police union Alliance is calling for the building to be completely closed and fumigated. The building has been infested for three weeks.

Jet struck by lightning in Moscow - In Moscow, a jet was forced to make an emergency landing in a Moscow airport. The jet was struck by lightning before it crashed, and at least 41 people were killed. No official comment has been made about the jet being hit by lightning. Passengers said the jet was struck right after it took off for flight. Among those who died were two children.

Latin America

Brazil president cancels New York visit
- Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro has cancelled his trip to the United States amid gay rights and environmental protestors. He was set to be honored in New York by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce. Bolsonaro’s spokesperson blamed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and interest groups. Bolsonaro has advocated cutting back on environmental policies.

Venezuela opposition leader may ask America for help - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said he is thinking about asking the United States for military intervention to oust the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro. Guaido attempted a military rebellion, but the move failed. He considers himself to be the interim leader, but Maduro is backed by Russia and China.

North America

The U.S. sends aircraft carrier to Middle East
- The United States announced it deployed an aircraft carrier to the Middle East. The move was in response to indications and warnings, according to National Security Advisor John Bolton. The aircraft deployer was sent after claims of a possible attack on the United States in the region.

Tyson recalls chicken strips - Tyson foods recalled nearly 12 million pounds of chicken strips over concerns of contamination. The food processer is worried the chicken may have metal in it. Six people have already complained about finding metal in their food. In January, Tyson recalled 36,000 pounds of chicken Nuggets over fears of the chicken having rubber in it.





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