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A week in review 05/22/19
Photo courtesy: - The American car manufacturer, Ford is set to cut nearly 7,000 jobs worldwide incuding 2,300 in the United States. Ford has been an American household name since the start of the 20th Century and has been home to nearly 100,000 workers in North America. The cut of U.S. workers means that Ford will be cutting nearly 2.3 percent of its workforce in North America.

By Joseph Rios


Dozens missing after boat capsizes in Uganda
- Officials in Uganda have confirmed that at least nine people died after a boat capsized. Dozens of others are missing as well. The boat was carrying over 50 soccer players and fans, and rescue efforts are underway. They were travelling to Runga, Uganda for a soccer match. Fishermen near the boat rescued 32 people from the incident.

Zimbabwe to sell elephants - Zimbabwe is planning to sell over 90 elephants to China and Dubai. The animals will sell for $2.7 million, and the money will be used to support conservation efforts. Zimbabwe park officials say they were having problems controlling the elephant population in its national parks. Water levels from rivers in national parks were running low, and officials have been using other water sources to feed animals.


Man sentenced to death for drug-trafficking
- Felix Dorfin, a French resident, has been sentenced to death for drug-trafficking in Indonesia. Prosecutors had originally asked for a 20-year sentence, and the country has some of the most severe drug laws in the world. Dorfin was found with over six pounds of multiple drugs at an airport on the island.

CIA agent sold information to China - Former CIA officer Kevin Mallory was sentenced to 20 years in prison for disclosing military secrets to a Chinese agent, according to the United States Justice Department. He is 62 and was found guilty of numerous spying charges. Mallory was convicted for selling secrets to China for $25,000. He traveled to Shanghai a few years ago to meet with the Chinese agent, and the United States says he put the country at risk.


Man climbs Eiffel Tower, prompting shutdown
- The Eiffel Tower was closed when a man was spotted climbing up the side of the landmark. People were evacuated from the building while streets around the structure were placed on lockdown. Law officials made contact with the climber, but it is unknown why he was climbing the building. He started to climb the Eiffel Tower from the second floor.

Pope introduces new sex abuse regulations - Pope Francis announced new global rules for reporting sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He wants to place a public system for reporting abuse by the time June comes around next year. The rules are designed to add another channel of accountability for church leaders. Investigations into sexual abuse cases will also be required to be complete within 90 days under the Pope’s new rules.

Latin America

Gunmen attack bar in Brazil
- In Belem, a northern Brazil city, masked gunmen attacked a bar, resulting in the death of 11 people. No arrests have been made, but there is speculation that the shooting came from a gang who was retaliating against law officials in the city. Extra law officials deployed to the area a few months ago to help police fight crime.

Referee collapses in Bolivia soccer game - Victor Hugo Hurtado, a soccer referee in a Bolivian League, collapsed during a match. Players and team doctors rushed to the 31-year-old before he was taken to a hospital. Hurtado, who was working at a high altitude, died at the hospital from heart attacks. Bolivia President Evo Morales Ayma tweeted his condolences for Hurtado.

North America

Columbine survivor dies
- Austin Eubanks was one of the survivors from the 1999 Columbine High School shooting. He was shot in the hand and knee, and became addicted to pain medication while recovering. Eubanks was found dead at his home in Steamboat Springs. Loved ones say Eubanks lost a battle to a disease he fought.

Ford to cut thousands of jobs - Ford is cutting 7,000 jobs around the world by September. In the United States, the car maker plans to cut 2,300 jobs. Ford is cutting back on jobs, because it is making an effort to save funds. GM recently announced that it will be cutting around 14,000 jobs.





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