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A look worth a thousand words
La Voz Staff Photo

By Joshua Pilkington

On an initial impression Diana Silva is not a woman of many words. She speaks directly, with sincerity and when she does use filler, awesome, tends to be her word of choice.

That directness combined with a healthy dose of gratefulness, humility and, yes, awesomeness are likely some of the reasons why her daughter-in-law Jamie Silva nominated her for La Voz’s Mother’s Day Makeover.

“I was surprised,” Silva said about how she reacted to the news that she had won the makeover. “I had heard about the contest, but I didn’t think anything about it.”

“She’s an awesome young lady,” Silva added with her signature line about her daughter-in-law Jamie. “My family is great. They’re just great and we love them.”

Silva received her Mother’s Day Makeover from Hair and Now Salon in Aurora where owner Araceli Pantoja Powell and her crew had the pleasure of giving Silva a new look.

“We really enjoyed it, we had fun doing it,” said Pantoja Powell who has been the owner of the full-service salon for 10 years and a stylist for 30 years. “We did her hair, we did a little bit of waxing, we did a manicure.”

Two other employees - Araceli’s daughter Nicole and manicurist Lorena - also jumped in to assist Silva in her makeover, which lasted the better part of the day. By the time they were done, Silva was overjoyed.

“It was wonderful, I had never had a makeover before, it was really nice and the ladies were wonderful,” Silva said. “They trimmed my hair a little bit and they colored it, gave me some streaks and did my makeup and my nails. I was pretty happy.”

Pantoja Powell added that the makeover meant a lot to Hair and Now Salon as well.

“The best part of our job when we do something like this is to make someone’s day,” Pantoja Powell said. “That woman left so happy, we made her day. Her husband was happy too and I told him to take her to dinner.”

Silva confirmed that she and her husband did make it out to dinner that night and, as part of the La Voz Mother’s Day Makeover package were also given $100 Macy’s giftcard. Macy’s is an ongoing sponsor of the La Voz Mother’s Day Makeover.

According to Pantoja Powell the Hair and Now Salon has been providing makeovers for several years for deserving clients as part of a myriad of worthwhile causes.

“We never turn anything like that down,” Pantoja Powell said regarding the opportunity to provide services for a worthy cause. “We’ve donated makeovers to the LAEF auction in the past, any time we’re asked we help out.”

One thing that Pantoja Powell is exceptionally proud of at her salon is its ability to cater to an international audience that brings in hairstyles and types from around the world.

“Being that we have 18 hairdressers we are very diverse,” she said. “I’m very proud of my salon because we are right where Aurora turns into Denver and our salon is just an international salon. We have so many people that come in with different types of hair.”

And with 18 hairdressers, she added, they have a stylist to meet all the different types of hair they encounter.

Though they don’t offer specific promotions, Pantoja Powell said that they do offer the same consistency in terms of service and styles.

“It’s all reasonably priced,” she said. “We don’t overprice anything or charge crazy amounts. We’re fair with the services and the time we spend with each client and we go from there.”






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