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A week in review 05/29/19
Photo courtesy:

By Joseph Rios


Malawi President claims victory
- Malawi President Peter Mutharika clinched a second term in office with a narrow victory. One of his challengers looked to delay the results of the election over concerns of voting violations. Mutharika heads the Democratic Progressive Party, and the election marked the sixth time a presidential election has been held since the countryís 1964 independence.

Boat with more than 400 people sinks - In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a boat that was carrying over 400 people sank, killing at least 45 people. It is believed that 200 others are still missing. Most of those who were on board were teachers who were on their way to get their salaries. Among those who died were 11 children, and search and rescue operations are underway. It is unknown what caused the boat to sink.


North Korea to launch its own whiskey
- North Korea is preparing to launch its own distilled brand of whiskey by the time the year is over. North Korean media have yet to mention the whiskey. The bottle is based off Johnnie Walker, a well known Scotch whiskey brand. The new whiskey marks the first time that the country has distilled its own brand of whiskey.

Homeless womanís death sparks outrage in Australia - Courtney Herron, a 25 year old homeless woman in Australia, was found dead in a park. Detectives described her death as a horrendous bashing, and police arrested Henry Hammond, a 27 year old homeless man, in connection to the murder. Herronís death has shaken the country, as similar cases have occurred.


Powerful Romania politician arrested
- Liviu Dragnea, the head of Romaniaís ruling Social Democratic Party has been arrested and jailed for corruption. He is considered to be the most powerful politician in the country. Last year, he was found guilty of having two party members paid by a state agency for jobs that didnít even exist. His political party took big blows during European elections.

Arrests made in France bombing - Last week bomb exploded in France, resulting in 13 people being injured. French police announced that it arrested four people who are accused of placing the bomb outside a bakery. The bomb was filled with screws and ball bearings. One of the suspects is an IT student from Algeria, while another suspect is believed to be a minor.

Latin America

Deadly prison riot in Brazil
- A prison fight broke out, resulting in the death of 15 inmates. The fight broke out during visiting hours at the prison, and some victims were stabbed with sharpened toothbrushes. The violence was contained, but it is unknown what caused the fight to ensue. Overcrowded prisons are an issue in the country.

Mexico flight forced to land after man has seizures - On a flight bound for Japan from Mexico, a Japanese man began to have seizures, causing the plane to make an emergency landing. The man, Udo N, later died of a cerebral edema caused by a drug overdose. He ingested over 240 bags of cocaine and bags that measured over 2 cm long. Mexican authorities will carry out an investigation into the incident.

North America

Former Packers quarterback dies
- Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr passed away at the age of 85. Starr led the Packers to five championships, and in 2014, he suffered a major stroke. He played in the first two Super Bowls, and coached the team from 1975 to 1983. In 2017, he visited the teamís stadium, Lambeau Field, as he was honored for the teamís 50th anniversary of its championship.

Deadly tornado in Oklahoma - Officials in Oklahoma say that at least two people were killed in a tornado that went through the city of El Reno. A hotel and a mobile park were damaged in the process, and there are people who suffered from serious injuries. El Reno recently saw some significant flooding and severe weather warnings were placed across the state.





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