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A week in review 06/05/19
Cartoon Courtesy: Cagel Cartoons - In commemoration of all who lost their lives on D-Day, June 6, 1944 where thousands of brave soldiers from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. lost their lives while storming the beaches of Normandy, France.

By Joseph Rios


Sudanís military opens fire on protestors
- Sudanís military carried out a violent attack on protestors in the country, leaving at least 30 people dead. The UN has called for an independent investigation. Reports have surfaced that officers opened fire in a hospital. The United States called the attack brutal, while the United Kingdom said it was outrageous. The country has been governed by a military council since April.

Kenya to replace its currency - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that the country will replace its currency with a new generation of currency. Kenyans will be required to return banknotes to banks by October. The country is making the move, because it wants to fight money laundering, counterfeits and corruption. Denominations are currently being phased out.


Japanís #MeToo movement
- Nearly 19,000 people in Japan have signed a petition that calls for Japan to end a dress code that requires women to wear high heels in workplaces. The petition was started by Yumi Ishikawa, who was forced to wear high heels while working at a funeral parlor. The campaign in Japan is called ď#KuTooĒ referencing the #MeToo movement.

Bodies found in the Indian Himalayas - Efforts to find missing people in the Indian Himalayas have concluded. Five bodies were discovered, and it is believed that they were hit by multiple avalanches. Authorities want to retrieve the bodies, but itís difficult, because itís hard to figure out where to safely land the helicopter. The climbers had been missing since May 26, until they were discovered on June 2.


German politician found dead
- German police are investigating the death of Walter Lubcke, head of the regional council in Kassel. He was found dead in his garden from a bullet fired at a close range. However, officers have ruled out suicide. There are no clues about suspects, or a motive. Lubcke reportedly received death threats and was given personal protection.

Bodies found from cruise ship wreck - Last week, a cruise ship in Hungary hit a tourist ship, and so far, seven bodies have been found. Seven others were rescued, including the body of a South Korean man who has yet to be identified. Officials believe that many of the bodies from the cruise ship are still trapped inside the wreck. Rescuers have had difficulties looking for survivors, due to high levels of rain.

Latin America

Brazil soccer player accused of rape
- Brazilian soccer player Neymar is accused of raping a woman in Paris. The woman alleged that he raped her in a hotel. Neymar denied the accusation, and posted messages between him and the woman. He currently plays for Paris St-Germain and is in Brazil training with the countryís national team for the Copa America Tournament.

Mexican President talks border security - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the country will not be provoked by United States President Donald Trump. Trump announced new tariffs on Mexican goods until the country does something to halt illegal immigration. Lopez Obrador said he thinks itís necessary to do something about undocumented migrants entering the United States, but also added that universal justice is more important than borders.

North America

Forbes declares Jay-Z first hip hop billionaire
- Forbes Magazine announced that rapper Jay-Z is officially hip hopís first billionaire. Forbes said aside from his music, the brands he built helped earn him more revenue. Previously, rapper and producer Dr Dre said he was a billionaire. However, Forbes rejected his claim. One of Jay-Zís investments includes a $70 million stake in Uber.

Shooting in Virginia Beach - Officials said DeWayne Craddock, a former Virginia Beach city employee, resigned from his position hours before allegedly killing 12 people and injuring four others at a municipal building. It is unknown what Craddockís motivation wouldíve been, but officials say he had a good standing with the city. One employee said he had physical altercations with other employees.





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