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The “Black Hole” that can destroy our democracy
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

A “Black Hole” is a phenomenon that is so powerful that it does not even allow light to escape its grasp. It pulls in and “eats” stars and star systems in its vicinity.

A Black Hole is not measured by what it takes to power its own destiny. It is a dark evil that know only how to destroy for its own benefit.

Our country is at the crossroads of the creation of a political “Black Hole” that knows only about its own enhancement at the expense of everything else. The notions that it offer about truth, honesty, integrity and consciousness of right and wrong are irrelevant to its concepts as to what is important.

American democracy is being “captured” by a tangle of lies at all levels that threaten the very existence of our institutions that are our first line of defense for the Constitution. This is indeed the “low-tide” for a democratic experiment that has seen authoritarian tendencies in the past, but not to the level of openly challenging the freedom and liberty that all Americans share.

Nowhere can we find in history a better example of the defense of American democratic values than D-Day, June 6, 1944 when the Allies led by the United States landed on the coast of France to turn back the ultimate example of devastating authoritarianism represented by Hitler and his evil empire. As we celebrate the event this week, we are reminded that like in Germany, we are the authors of the ideology that conforms to the dictator’s creed.

Hitler was the son of a diminished country that took advantage of a people weakened by defeat and led them into a culture of hate, violence and destruction of other nations and people that were defined as undeserving. The same type of forces are coming to the surface in our immigrant country as many are trying to redefine what it is to be an American in a desperate effort to hold on to the power they have enjoyed.

Decadence is the real culprit in our country as America finds itself slowly losing its exceptional status because the will to divide is currently stronger than the will to unite. The tensions created by nationalism v. globalism, significant demographic changes to the face of America and the replacement of one generation with another are being used by despot-types to provide simple and “easy” answers that would, in time, wash away our democracy.

In the last two years, the current administration has eaten away at the credibility of our institutions by taking the words of foreign despots over those of our security services, mocked and undermined a Justice Department investigation of Russian interference in our 2016 election and the role of the Trump campaign in that interference, turned the Attorney General of the United States into the President’s personal lawyer and has refused to cooperate with congressional oversight activities. The latest episodes in this regard came during President’s visit to Japan.

It appears that the Navy was told to keep the USS John McCain out of sight because the President does not like the Senator. Also, aircrews aboard the USS Wasp (LHD-1) were seen wearing Trump patches.

June 4th is the 30th anniversary of the massacre in Tienanmen Square. Many Chinese have died for the renewal of their country.

The sacrifice is working as China is gradually becoming the largest economy in the world. America also needs renewal to defend against the destruction of our freedom and democratic principles.





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