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A week in review 07/03/19
Photo courtesy: Cagle Cartoons Inc.

By Joseph Rios


Nigerian pastor accused of rape
- Biodun Fatoyinbo, a popular pastor in Nigeria, will leave his church over rape allegations. Busola Dakolo, a celebrity photographer, accused Fatoyinbo of raping her twice before she turned 18. Dakolo is married to Timi Dakolo, a popular musician. Women in Nigeria don’t typically speak out about rape allegations, because they are scared of backlash.

Rwanda and Uganda sued - Rwanda and Uganda are being sued by civil society organizations over border restrictions. The two countries have closed their border, and the civil society organizations are arguing that the move breaks a treaty. The lawsuit alleges that villages between the two countries are turning into ghost towns, spiking poverty.


Hong Kong protestors hit with tear gas
- Protestors who stormed Hong Kong’s parliament were hit with tear gas by police. People were demonstrating on the anniversary of Hong Kong transferring sovereignty to China from Britain. There were hundreds of police who went to the protest at the Legislative Council building. There was recently a controversial extradition law passed.

Taliban launches attack in Kabul - In Kabul, three people were killed and more than 90 others were injured when Taliban attackers entered a government building. They detonated a car bomb during rush-hour in the morning, and then stormed the government building. There was a seven-hour gun fight to stop the attack, and among those who were injured included a handful of children.


Switzerland soccer player missing
- Switzerland soccer player Florijana Ismaili has been declared missing. She had a “swimming accident” near Lake Como in Italy. She’s 24, and her soccer team has been in close contact with her family members. She spent a day at the lake with a teammate, rented out a boat, jumped in the water and never surfaced again.

Brexit deal hit with deadline - Jeremy Hunt, secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs in England, said he wants a new Brexit deal with the EU by the end of September. He is planning on delivering a “no-deal Brexit budget” by early September to the EU. He promised to cut off talks if there wasn’t any progress on a new deal by the time his deadline comes around.

Latin America

Venezuela Navy Captain dies
- Venezuelan Navy Captain Rafael Acosta, was arrested last week over allegations of plotting to assassinate the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro. Acosta fainted during court proceedings, and his lawyer says he died from torture. Two people have been charged with his death, and they were members of the country’s General Directorate of Military Intelligence.

South American countries reach trade deal with EU - The EU and Mercosur, a South American economic bloc, have signed a new trade deal. The deal took 20 years to reach, but it will aim to remove, or cut trade tariffs, and it will make imported products cheaper for consumers. Members of Mercosur include Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The deal will impact around 800 million consumers.

North America

MLB pitcher dies
- Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs has passed away at the age of 27. It is unknown what he died from at the time this article was written. The team was scheduled to play against the Texas Rangers, but it canceled the game. Skaggs started 15 games this season, and he had been in the MLB since 2009. The team tweeted that he will always be an important part of the Angels.

Pregnant woman found dead in Mississippi - Law officials in Mississippi found the body of a pregnant woman. She disappeared for a week from her home, and authorities discovered her body near a highway. Her body will be taken to a state crime lab in Jackson to determine her cause of death. She was due to give birth on July 4, and she passed away at the age of 21.





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