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A week in review 08/14/19
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By Joseph Rios


A cure for Ebola?
- Scientists believe Ebola can soon become a preventable and treatable disease after successful drug trails. Four drugs were tried on people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the testing proved to be successful. The drugs will now be used to treat Ebola patients in the country, and the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases backed the drug trials.

Popular African singer dies - DJ Arafat, a singer in Africa, died after a traffic accident at the age of 33. Critics have called him the king of coupe-decale dance music, and his song “Dosabado” has over 5 million views on YouTube. DJ Arafat, known as Ange Didier Huon, was named best artist two years in a row.


Police disguised as anti-government protestors in Hong Kong
- Police in Hong Kong admitted to disguising officers as anti-government protestors. The goal was to target extreme violent rioters, according to police. Protestors want an investigation into the police’s tactics. Protests have been happening for months due to an extradition bill that is currently suspended.

Tensions high between Japan and South Korea - South Korea intends to take Japan off its favored trade partner list after Japan did the same thing to the country earlier this month. Tension has been high between the two countries since last year when South Korea ordered Japanese firms to pay compensation to Koreans who were forced into hard labor during World War II.


Norwegian man arrested for opening fire
- Phillip Manshaus, a 21-year-old Norwegian man, is accused of opening fire at the Al-Noor Islamic Centre in Baerum, a municipal city in Norway. There were three people in the centre, and Manshaus was overpowered before police arrived. It is believed the attacker went into other buildings with helmet and body armor where he shot off rounds. No one was seriously injured, but the body of his 17-year-old stepsister was found, and Manshaus is the primary suspect in the incident.

Male penguins care for abandoned egg in Berlin - At the Berlin Zoo, two male penguins have been caring for an abandoned egg since last month. The penguins adopted the egg and are behaving like parents as they take turns to keep the egg warm. The male penguins have been stuck by each other’s side since they moved to Berlin from Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo in April.

Latin America

Argentine President trailing after primary elections
- In a surprising result, conservative Argentine President Mauricio Macri lost in primary elections to centre-left opponent Alberto Fernandez. Fernandez is now seen as the frontrunner for this upcoming October presidential race. Fernando pledged to reverse the recent election results, and the peso fell by 15 percent against the dollar on Monday.

Venezuela hurt by sanctions - Recent U.S. sanctions against Venezuela can hurt millions of people even more, according to the UN. The sanctions freeze all Venezuelan government assets in the U.S. and ban commercial transactions. Former Chile President Michelle Bachelet said the sanctions would hit vulnerable sections of society. The U.S. imposed the sanctions in an effort to get President Nicolas Maduro to step down.

North America

Jeffrey Epstein dead
- The body of Jeffrey Epstein, who was facing sex trafficking and conspiracy charges, was found dead on Saturday morning. It is suspected that he committed suicide, and the justice department and the FBI have both started investigations into his death. He was being held in a New York prison and was facing decades in prison.

Trump administration makes gaining citizenship more difficult - Getting an extended visa or permanent resident status is going to be more difficult, thanks to a new rule for the Trump administration. Applicants for those services can be denied if a person relies on public assistance. That can be anything from people who rely on public benefits, to those who need food aid or public housing.





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