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Week Of Special Interest 08/21/19
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By La Voz Staff

Jeffco Public Schools and JCEA reach agreement

Jeffco Public Schools (Jeffco) announced that it has reached a negotiated agreement with Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) to increase compensation for educators and resolve other employment considerations. Teams representing each organization reconvened on August 14 in an effort to finalize outstanding negotiated items remaining from spring 2019 bargaining sessions.

Jeffco and JCEA recognize that hiring and retaining qualified, experienced educators is critical to both parties, and offering competitive salaries is an important contributor toward accomplishing this goal. In addition, the parties acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices JCEA members and all other staff made when they incurred pay freezes from 2010-2013 in order to allow the District to maintain full employment.

Compensation for educators was the focus of the August 14 session. After reviewing tentative agreements and recapping the many hours of negotiations in the spring months, the team began considering options for compensation change for the 2019-20 school year.

The negotiating teams reached an agreement


Step increase to eligible bargaining unit members - a step increase is a standard salary schedule driven increase.

Educational achievement level change to eligible bargaining unit members - from earning a degree or additional graduate credit hours.

A cost of living adjustment (COLA) of 2.5 percent to all eligible bargaining unit members - applied to each salary value of the 4-lane, 29-step salary schedule. Once approved, Jeffco’s new educator entry salary rate will be $42,014, an increase of $2,091 over the entry rate for 2018-19. The maximum salary also increases to $90,696.

The implementation of longevity compensation to honor the past pay freezes incurred by JCEA staff. The District will distribute $3,000,000 (salary and benefits) evenly to current JCEA educators who incurred pay freezes between FY2011 and FY2013. The longevity increase will be an ongoing component of the employee’s salary for the duration of their status as a JCEA employee.

Our Government

White House

President Donald Trump confirmed over the weekend his adminstration’s interest in purchasing Greeneland. On Sunday, August 18th, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow confirmd that the President was looking at it, to essentially be a large real estate deal. Though the idea is still in development stages, Denmark’s Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen has indicated that Greenland is not for sale.

Colorado Governor

Colorado has joined 10 other states that have adopted an official zero-emission standard for vehicles, a move Gov. Jared Polis says will lead to cleaner energy and healthier air. The action comes as the Trump administration is working to restrict states’ rights to adopt protections stronger than federal standards under the Clean Air Act. Shannon Baker-Branstetter, manager of car and energy policy for Consumer Reports, says the new rule means Coloradans will have a lot more choice in electric vehicles.

Denver Mayor

Mayor Michael B. Hancock has designated Happy Haynes, Executive Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, as Deputy Mayor. Haynes has served as Executive Director of Parks and Recreation for the City and County of Denver since 2015, and previously served as Deputy Mayor for 2017. Murphy Robinson, who had been serving as Deputy Mayor since Jan. 1, has transitioned from his role as Executive Director of General Services following his appointment by Mayor Hancock to the Mayor’s Office as Chief Operating Officer for the city.





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