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A week in review 08/21/19
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By Joseph Rios


Kenyan chef breaks record
- Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed set a world record after she cooked for 75 hours non-stop. She started this past Thursday and finished in the afternoon on Sunday. The record was previously held by Rickey Lumpkin, an American who cooked for a little over 68 hours. In Mohammed’s record, shoe cooked around 400 dishes. During that time, she rested only 30 minutes every 12 hours.

Allegations against former Sudan president - Allegations against former Sudan President Omar al-Bashir say he received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia. The allegations were made by a detective in a court in Sudan. Bashir left his position after protests in the country forced his exit from his position. Over the summer, law officials say a huge heaping of foreign currency was found at his home.


Twitter rids fake Chinese accounts
- Twitter removed over 900 accounts in an attempt to block fake news from China in regards to recent protests in Hong Kong. The social media network believes the accounts were connected to undermining protests in Hong Kong. Twitter said in a statement that the people linked to the accounts were people associated with China’s government. Hong Kong is protesting a government bill that would let people be extradited to China’s main land.

Students avoid school in Kashmir area - As India’s government decided to strip the Kashmir region of its special status a few weeks ago, students in Kashmir returned to school., according to police the territory holds people who are mainly Muslim, but when some checked on classrooms, students were not in school. Some feel the area is not safe as protests have ensued over the area’s loss of special status.


French couple faces years in prison for stolen sand
- Officials say a French couple can face up to six years in jail after they were caught with over 90 pounds of sand from a Chinese beach in their car. The couple says they wanted to take the sand home as a souvenir, but said they did not realize they committed a crime. The sand is considered to be a public good, and residents around the area complained for years that people stole it.

Man’s body found in Italy - Simon Gautier’s body was found in a ravine near Naples. He was a French 27-year-old man. Gautier made a call to authorities on Aug. 9 saying he fell of a cliff and broke both of his legs. He was found over the weekend when authorities used binoculars. His family says authorities took too long to locate him. Gauiter told authorities in his phone call he was dying of pain from his broken legs.

Latin America

Protests over rapes in Mexico
- Mexico City has seen hundreds of women take the streets to protest multiple rape cases. In one case, a 17-year-old said four police men raped her in their car. Another 16-year-old says she was raped by a police man in a museum. After a peaceful protest, some lit a fire on the second floor of a police building and vandalized a bus station.

Argentina economic minister leaves position - Argentina Economic Minister Nicolas Dujovne has resigned from his position as a financial crisis sweeps the nation. Earlier this month, left-wing candidate Alberto Fernandez beat out current President Mauricio Macri in a primary poll. The results caused the country’s peso to drop 20 percent in its value. Over a third of Argentina’s population is living in poverty.

North America

Officer involved with Eric Garner’s death fired
- Daniel Pantaleo, the New York City police officer filmed choking and killing Eric Garner five years ago, was fired from his position. Protests took place in numerous positions throughout the country, but charges were not pressed against Pantaleo. He was filmed using a chokehold on Garner, an illegal maneuver by the New York Police Department.

Canada bans climate change ads - In Canada, the country’s election watchdog told environmentalists to not promote the legitimization of climate change. Officials blamed their decision on a party who is running on an idea that climate change isn’t real. NASA and numerous other scientific organizations have all agreed that climate change is a threat to life forms.





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