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Monarch Casino: Letís make a dealer
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By Joshua Pilkington

Though much ink - not to mention award winning portrayals - has been spilt on the art of counting cards, the art of dealing them remains the unsung hero of the casino lifestyle.

With construction to its massive expansion nearing its end, Monarch Casino Resort Spa in Black Hawk has started searching for qualified candidates to fill over 1,000 salary and hourly positions. Part of that search includes the unique dealer school program that promises participants a fast track to gainful employment at the casino.

Though dealer schools are not a new concept, they are not overly common and the fact that Monarch Casino is currently offering its class for free, does more than enough to heighten curiosity. In fact, according to the table games manager at the Monarch Casino, Steve Zlobin, Monarch is the first casino in the market to offer a free dealer school.

ďIt seems kind of like an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to try something new or get into a different type of work environment,Ē said Keith Tripp, 32, outside the Monarch Casino Resort Spa booth at Coors Field on Sunday where the casino was hosting the first of two job fairs. ďIím kind of at a point in my life where this type of change seems logical. Iím kind of excited to give it a try.Ē

The casino is looking to add about 30 gaming tables to its already expansive game pit and that means about 150 dealer positions to be filled at blackjack, craps and roulette tables.

The expansion to the casino also includes a 23-story hotel that will have over 500 rooms, fine-dining restaurants, and a full-service resort and spa.

One of the hurdles Monarch has been running into with positions is not the industry or the salary, itís the commute.

ďI know a lot of people who would love to do this, but they donít want to trek up I-70 every day from Denver, you know?Ē Tripp said. ďBeing from Arvada, I live a little bit closer, but, yeah, itís still an obstacle.Ē

To mitigate the commuting stress and ease the burden on Mother Nature, Monarch Casino Black Hawk offers shuttles and express coaches for visitors and employees from Aurora, Denver, Thornton, Arvada and Lakewood for less than $5 round trip.

Additionally Monarch Casino helps cover the cost of furthering oneís education by providing up to $6,000 in education or tuition reimbursement per calendar year.

Dealers that put in the 120 hours of class time and pass, will not only receive a benefits package that includes health and retirement benefits, but also an average potential earnings of $50,000 annually for full-time employment and $30,000 for part-time employment.

Of course there is also the fine print when it comes to Monarch Casinoís Dealer School as there would be with any such opportunity. Applicants who pass must remain a team member at the casino for a 12-month minimum period in order for the school to remain free.

Applicants who leave prior to that time will have to pay the standard $1,000 tuition fee for the school.

Additional requirements to entering the school include applying online for the dealer school position; having the ability to obtain a Colorado gaming license; not having any visible tattoos or piercings; and keeping a conservative hairstyle and appearance.

Classes are at the Monarch Casino Warehouse in Evergreen and are held Monday through Saturday from 1-4 pm and 6-9 pm.

For more information about the dealer school or the Monarch Casino Resort Spa expansion visit

Monarch Casino will host another career fair on Monday, September 9th at Coors Field starting at 10 AM.





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