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A week in review 09/04/19
Photo couortesy: - One of the largest hurricanes to ever hit the Bahamas is wreaking havoc over the small cluster of islands just off the coast of Florida. Hurricane Dorian has been upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane with 180 mph winds and 220 mph wind gusts. Early social media videos show island residents taking cover in flooded homes while they wait for the surge to pass.

By Joseph Rios


Looting in Johannesburg
- Numerous arrests were made in Johannesburg, a southern African city, for allegations of rioting. People allegedly targeted shops where they looted and buildings and vehicles. Buildings and vehicles were torched. The shops were targeted by criminals according to Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama.

Ebola halts school in Africa - As Rwanda students made their way back to school, they were stopped from crossing the boarder to Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The move was made by officials over fears of Ebola spreading. Students study in the area because tuition fees are lower. Four cases of Ebola were recently discovered in Goma.


Pregnant woman beaten in
- India In a wave of attacks coming from rumors of child kidnapping, a pregnant woman was beaten by people who believed she kidnapped a child. The woman is 25, and authorities say she is in stable condition. The wave of attacks occurred last year, similarly caused by rumors. Video footage shows people around the woman accusing her of kidnapping children and being beaten.

Students boycott class in Hong Kong - As the first day of school is upon us, students in Hong Kong secondary schools and universities are boycotting classes. The boycotts are part of protests that have occurred for several weeks in the area. The protests come from a change to a law that would allow for Hong Kong citizens to be extradited to China.


An update on Brexit
- UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson has made it clear that he doesnít want an election for a possible bill to stop the UK from leaving the EU on Oct. 31 without a deal. If the bill is passed, Johnson would be forced to look for a three-month extension until Jan. 31 if a withdrawal deal isnít passed by Oct. 19. He has said there are no circumstances that he would ask for a delay for Brexit negotiations.

French flag to be displayed in classrooms - After new reforms passed by parliament in February, schools in France are now required to display the French and EU flags in classrooms. The move was endorsed by French President Emmanuel Macron. Some have said the new law is too nationalistic, but the government insists flags should be displayed. Words from the national anthem will also be on display in classrooms, according to law.

Latin America

Deadly night at Mexican bar
- Around 25 people were killed in a Mexican bar fire that was allegedly set by gang members in the country. Over ten others were injured in the attack. People at the bar say men who are believed to be affiliated with gangs were blocking exits from the venue before setting it on fire. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador condemned the attack.

Former Guatemala presidential candidate arrested - This past August, Sandra Torres was up to become president of Guatemala. Now, the attorney generalís office is alleging that Torres broke campaign finance laws. She was arrested on Monday. Torres is the former first lady who was married to Alvaro Colom, and she has run for president three times in the past. She lost to conservative Alejandro Giammattei this past month for the presidential position.

North America

PayPal rejects KKK
- The payment service PayPal announced it will suspend an account that raises funds for the Loyal White Knights, a group of the Ku Klux Klan. The account was first flagged by an anti-bigotry campaigner. After being criticized, PayPal promised to start evaluating all of its users that fund organizations who are advocating for racist views.

Kevin Hart in accident - U.S. comedian and actor Kevin Hart was taken to a hospital following a car accident in Los Angeles. Reports suggest he suffered from major back injuries after getting into an accident with his wife Eniko Parrish. Hartís driver allegedly lost control of his car and tumbled into an embankment. His driver, Jared Black, also suffered from major back injuries.





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