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Raquel García is ready for the next big thing
Photo courtesy: Raquel García Facebook

By Joshua Pilkington

Colorado singing sensation Raquel García is planning something big and she wants her fans to be a part of it.

“It’s really big,” she said with her father and agent Ariel García standing by. “And we’re going to give out the surprise really soon.”

The 13-year-old phenom has toured the state and much of the West already in her young career, which began with her first performance at the age of 9, but there is something she hasn’t done yet.

“I’m going to be recording at a studio in California and I’m going to be doing my own song,” said the singer whose previous performances have focused mainly on covering popular hits from a variety of Spanish- and English-language artists. “The person helping me is one of the top three promoters in the United States.”

That promoter is Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductee Chuck Morris who over his 50-year career has managed or worked with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers like The Eagles; grammy-winning acts like The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; and local legends like Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

“It’s a really big project that we’re working on right now,” García said.

Of course, the first release of her own original work is just the latest in many monumental steps the 13-year-old has taken over the course of her young, but blossoming career. One could argue her career began at age 3 when she would regularly perform in front of friends and family at family reunions. It was, in fact, at a reunion that she was discovered by someone who wanted her to reach a broader audience.

“There was a friend of ours who came to our house during a family reunion and she was having a fundraising event for a sick person,” recalled García, who was 9 at the time. “When she heard me sing she said, ‘it would be great if you could sing at my event.’ That’s when I first [performed live]. It was kind of crazy.”

From their promoters and event managers began to line up, booking the then tween for their events scattered throughout the state. She has since built enough of a following that demand for her talent has reached states like New Mexico, Utah and Nevada.

Though she has performed hundreds of times, too many in fact she can no longer keep count, García says she still feels the nerves of each performance.

“I’m always going to be a little nervous,” she said about performing. “I feel like an artist can’t stop being nervous for a moment because that’s when they lose what they’ve got. But when I get on stage and people start clapping, I feel satisfied and I just enjoy it. It makes me really happy.”

Not one to rest on her laurels, García has continued to branch out, hosting a Spanish-language TV show on the Colorado affiliate of EstrellaTV (channel 53), in which she promotes local artists Saturday morning at 10:30 and Friday night at 11:30.

“It’s not only focused on music,” she said of the show. “We like to focus on paintings, sculpture, whatever type of art, we like to promote it.”

She added that the show features a short interview in which the audience gets to know the featured artist and culminates, typically, with a duet.

“It’s a really entertaining and enjoyable show,” she said.

Live performances, hosting television shows, making studio trips, can be burdensome tasks for a professional, let alone a teenager; García, however, says she knows how to manage.

“I personally think, and it’s what my parents have taught me too, there is time for everything,” she said. “So my day looks really busy, but I divide it into blocks. There is time for homework, time to practice and time to do my chores.”

Raquel García can be followed on Facebook at @1313raquel; on Instagram at @raquelgarciasinger; and on Youtube at raquelgarciacolorado.





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