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A week in review 09/11/19
Photo courtesy: - Hundreds of cases have been reported accross the U.S. regarding respiratory illnesses related to vaping. Vaping has been popular among young adults and has also become a large part of the legal marijuana industry.

By Joseph Rios


Soccer player’s house targeted
- After Umaru Bangura missed a penalty kick for Sierra Leone’s national soccer team, the team’s dreams of reaching the 2022 World Cup ended. After the game, Bangura’s house was left severely damaged. His windows and doors were destroyed with stones from fans. He said he can’t leave his house because he is worried about what he will face.

Xenophobic violence in Nigeria - Nigeria is planning to repatriate at least 600 citizens from South Africa back after xenophobic violence has emerged. Tension has been high between the two countries. Last week, ten people were killed in the city from mob attacks on foreign-owned businesses. Some in South Africa feel foreigners are taking their jobs.


Nissan chief executive stepping down
- Hiroto Saikawa, the chief executive of the Japanese Nissan car maker, is stepping down from his position. Saikawa had said he had been overpaid in a bonus scheme. He is accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra share option payments. Last November, former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn was arrested for financial misconduct and breach of trust.

Typhoon strikes Tokyo - At least 900,000 homes in Tokyo do not have power as Typhoon Faxai has landed. Flights were cancelled, and people were warned against stepping outside. At least 30 people have been injured from the typhoon as the country prepares for the Rugby World Cup to come to town. The cup is expected to bring at least 400,000 people to the country.


United Russia loses seats
- United Russia is the ruling party in Russia, but after Sunday’s recent election, the part lost almost a third of the 45-member parliament seats. Others like Communists and independents gained seats. Even after losing seats, United Russia still holds about 26 seats on parliament. United Russia was created in 2001 to support President Vladimir Putin.

Nazi elected mayor in German town - Stefan Jagsch has been elected Mayor in the German town of Waldsiedlung. The town is only home to 2,650 people, and no one ran against him. He is part of the National Democratic Party, a far-right party that has had attempts from others to ban it. The party has been accused of being anti-constitutional.

Latin America

Migrant rate drops, according to Mexico
- Mexico announced it has cut down the number of undocumented migrants entering into the United States by 56 percent since May. In June, Mexico and the United States agreed to reduce the number of migrants entering the country within 90 days. Trump threatened tariffs on Mexican imports if the country wasn’t successful.

Brazilian activist killed - Maxciel Pereira dos Santos had worked to protect indigenous tribes from farmers and loggers who wanted their land. Police in Brazil say the man who protected tribes who lived in the Amazon was shot and killed in Brazil. He was shot in front of his family as he was driving his motorcycle.

North America

E-cigarette company violated law, letter reads
- The e-cigarette company Juul Labs received a warning from U.S. regulators saying the company violated law. The letter says Juul Labs promoted its products as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Recently, a wave of deadly lung illness has broken out, and it’s linked to vaping products.

Taliban negotiations dead - U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters that deals with the Taliban are “dead.” Trump was scheduled to have a secret meeting with Taliban after the group admitted to killing a U.S. citizen. Trump canceled the meeting, and the Taliban said the United States had the most to lose from canceling the talks.





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