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Heartbreaker for Broncos, viewership of Nuggets and Avs in limbo
La Voz Photo by Daryl Padilla

By Brandon Rivera

“We have the best offensive line coach in the business here,” is what coach Fangio had to say in response to questions concerning Denver’s first round pick from the 2017 draft (Garrett Bolles) after having been called for three holding penalties in Denver’s heartbreaking loss to the Chicago Bears Sunday afternoon.

Boos rang down on the 20th overall pick Sunday, which isn’t a common occurrence in the NFL for a offensive linesman; however Bolles in his third season is already on pace to surpass his two previous season penalty totals. While Sunday’s loss cannot be totally placed on the shoulders of Bolles, his penalties pushed the offense out of favorable situations, which could have easily led to scores.

The offense was up against one of the leagues grittiest defenses including former Denver Bronco Danny Travathen. Denver’s offense is obviously a work in progress and the defense seems to be coming together, but the scary two-headed pass rush defense that everyone has been expecting has been one of Denver’s biggest disappointments. Why though? Some say it’s Fangio’s new scheme that isn’t utilizing Miller and Chubb to their fullest, others think teams may have figured out a formula to neutralize the two. Whatever the case may be, both Miller and Chubb want fans to know things will turn around.

The league is full of disappointments including Sunday’s game at Mile High, especially after Bradley Chubb was called for a frivolous roughing the passer penalty which not only stopped the clock for Chicago, but put them closer to within field goal range, ultimately erasing any hope of a Denver Broncos, home opener win.

While the Broncos improved from their performance against the Raiders last week, the team as a whole is in dire need of a boost of confidence and Sunday’s game may have been the hot sticker in the rear they need. Next week the Broncos will face a team far better team than both the Bears and the Raiders and they will have to face them on the road at Lambeau Field. That’s right, the Broncos travel to Green Bay next Sunday to face the Packers who are now 2-0 after beating the Bears and Vikings both divisional rivals.

In others sports the Colorado Rockies completed their first sweep since mid-August when they beat the Miami Marlins. On Sunday afternoon the Rockies faced division rivals the San Diego Padres in the final game of a three-game series. Despite the Rockies sweep of the Padres, they still remain last in the National League West 31.5 games behind the L.A. Dodgers and three games behind the fourth place Padres.

The Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche are gearing up for their respective 2019-2020 seasons and the Kroenke-owned teams might not be seen by thousands of Comcast and Dish Network subscribers. Last week, the Kroenke-owned Altitude Sports channels on both networks went dark after contract agreement talks stalled. Altitude Sports has stated that the carriers have proposed rates at a 50 percent cut from the current deal, while Comcast has stated that over the past year, 95 percent of Altitude subscribers watched less than one game per week, which is why they proposed a 50 percent reduction in rates. Altitude Sports has been exploring other options including streaming on Internet platforms like Amazon Live. Whatever the outcome is, NHL and NBA fans are getting anxious about how they will be able to watch games live.





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