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A week in review 10/02/19
Photo courtesy: - President Donald Trump is battling the Democratic led House for the initiation of an Impeachment inquiry as well as the whistleblower at the center of their investigation.

By Joseph Rios


Journalist jailed
- Hajar Raissouni, a Moroccan journalist, will serve a year in prison for premarital sex and for having an abortion. She is 28, and denied charges, saying she was looking for treatment for internal bleeding. She works for an independent newspaper who is critical of authorities. Raissouni says the case against her is a political trial.

Pregnant women freed in Nigeria - Nigerian police rescued 19 pregnant women from properties in Lagos. The properties are described as “baby factories.” Many of the women have been abducted as they were forced to get pregnant. In turn, their babies were sold. Male babies were sold for around $1,400, while females were sold for $830.


Communism celebration in China
- It has been 70 years since China has been under Communist rule. China will be holding events to celebrate the milestone including a huge military parade in Beijing. China has developed at a fast pace since becoming Communist, but it is also one of the most restricted places in the world.

Dozens die from flooding in India - Heavy rains in Indian states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have caused massive flooding, killing at least 100 people. Services like healthcare, schools and power supplies have been disrupted. Prisoners from a jail were relocated to another prison after water was entering the buildings. The Indian Air Force may get involved to help victims.


Volkswagen settlement denied
- The car maker Volkswagen is part of a lawsuit involving 450,000 owners of Volkswagen cars. The company settled in the United States, but it is refusing to settle with domestic customers. The lawsuit involves a diesel emissions scandal from the car maker. Last week, three current and former Volkswagen executives were charged with market manipulation.

Neo-Nazis go on trial - Eight alleged neo-Nazis planned to target immigrants, political rivals and the “economic establishment in Germany. The group stood trial in eastern Germany, most of them being between age 21 and 32. They were planning the attack for October 3, 2018 on Germany’s National Unity Day.

Latin America

Protests in Haiti
- Thousands of people in Haiti are protesting against President Jovenel Moise. Shops and banks have been targeted as well as a police station. Protests have turned violent as police have used live ammunition. Haiti has issues with rising prices, fuel shortages and corruption. Moise was set to speak at the UN, but he canceled.

UN investigating Venezuela - The UN is investigating alleged human rights violations in Venezuela. Among the allegations include executions, disappearances and torture. Since January, at least 6,000 deaths could have been extrajudicial executions. Venezuela is in the midst of an economic and political crisis as 30 million people are in need of aid.

North America

Trump lawyer subpoenaed
- Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, has been subpoenaed for documents relating to Ukraine. He admitted to asking Ukrainian officials to investigate fake corruption allegations against Democrat Joe Biden. Giuliani’s subpoena is part of an impeachment process against Trump.

Forever 21 files for bankruptcy - Forever 21, a retailer, has filed for bankruptcy and is planning on shutting down most international locations. It will also close 178 stores in the United States. Forever 21 isn’t as popular with younger shoppers in the country, according to analysts, and it struggles to compete with online companies.





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