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Luna Apparel redefining tennis wear with a Latin flare
Photo courtesy: Luna Apparel

By Joshua Pilkington

Hispanic Heritage Series Part III of V

With our Hispanic Heritage series fully underway, La Vida Latina had the opportunity to chat wtih Susan Luna whose family established Luna Tennis, Inc of Colorado in 1995. The non-profit, which serves both youths and adults, is the first Latino-managed tennis organization in the state.

She recently combined her passions for tennis and art to develop a line of athlesiure wear called Lunapparel.

La Vida Latina: What prompted you to create Lunapparel?

Susan Luna: I wanted to combine two areas that have brought me joy in my life – art and tennis. The product idea evolved over three years by working with my team on creating beautiful unique art designs that would enhance the line. It was important to me to capture the rich cultural symbols that represent this region. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool to have them on tennis skirts? My goal from the beginning was to create a line of tennis wear that had an ethnic flare to it, but we soon discovered that the designs worked for both casual and athletic purposes – athleisure wear.

LVL: How has the reception been for your brand of athleisure wear among the general public?

SL: The reception for the brand has been very positive. Incorporating my brother Daniel’s images on apparel was an exciting transition; he has many followers so they were happy to wear a lot of his creative designs.

Last year I participated in the Denver Latin Fashion Show at the Museo de las Americas. Again it was fun, and allowed me to showcase a unique line of clothing that emphasizes athleisure wear – focusing on healthy, strong athletic women as models.

I just participated last week as a sponsor and had a Lunapparel booth at the Colorado State Open. It was a great way to make a statement and solidify my brand in the tennis community.

LVL: What or who got you into tennis?

SL: I grew up in a family of tennis players (Dad, Uncle, Cousin and brothers to name a few), but my “primary” coach was my brother Mark. It was my father, Dan Luna Sr., who opened the doors for all of us. He was the first Latino inducted into the Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame, as well as the Pueblo Sports Hall of Fame.

LVL: And the artistry? Where does that fit in?

SL: I also come from a long line of artists. My mother, Jessica Luna (Martinez), created over 100 pieces of drawings and paintings. She was most well known for her soft sculpture dolls - “Images of Women” that she toured with in Colorado and New Mexico. My three brothers Daniel, Bob, and Mark are well-respected local artist, painters and muralist.

LVL: How do you view the growth potential based on early results and where to you want to take it?

SL: I’d like to continue developing more products and expand into new markets. It’s a good time to have a small business in Colorado; there are a lot of resources out there. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the SBDC Leading Edge program a couple years ago that helped provide me some of the tools to strengthen my business. I have some goals to sell Lunapparel at DIA, expand throughout Colorado and the Southwest, and explore international possibilities.

I established my business in 2016 and it’s become a family affair ever since. I want to make a bold statement with my apparel and add a little spice to people’s life. I’m determined to be a successful Latina business owner by following my bliss.

For more on Lunapparel visit





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