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Week Of Special Interest 11/06/19
Photo courtesy: National Park Service

By La Voz Staff

The National Park Service salutes military veterans

The National Park Service will commemorate Veterans Day on Monday, Nov. 11, with special events and free admission nationwide.

“In recognition of the bravery and patriotism of America’s military veterans, all national parks will waive entrance fees for visitors on Veterans Day,” said U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. “While visiting our national parks, I encourage all Americans to pause and reflect on the significance of the holiday and the freedoms we enjoy thanks to the courageous service of the men and women in our military.”

“We are grateful for the brave men and women who have answered the call to serve in the military,” said National Park Service Deputy Director David Vela. “We invite all veterans to continue the long tradition of enjoying respite, recreation and relaxation in their national parks. From the peaceful quiet of watching wildlife to the thrill of whitewater rafting, parks are full of activities that refresh the body and soul.”

“We fought for this land, now it’s time to enjoy it,” said Adam Stump, a combat veteran who frequently visits national parks to hike and soak in the surroundings. “National parks provide amazing opportunities to appreciate the beauty and history of this country that we served to protect.”

Throughout the country, take advantage of the resources in 419 national parks to paddle, fish, hike, bike, swim, climb, explore or simply relax.

RTD seeks public input

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is launching a campaign to gather public feedback about a potential proposal to temporarily reduce service in response to an ongoing labor shortage, and issues with recruiting and retaining bus and light rail operators.

These challenges are affecting RTD’s ability to provide the public with reliable service. They have also required many of the agency’s operators to work six-day weeks. Those with the least seniority are most frequently affected, but the requirement often extends to some of RTD’s most senior bus and rail operators. The objective of the proposal is to better balance staffing with a level of service that RTD can reliably deliver.

“The proposed service reduction we are considering is about the people,” RTD General Manager and CEO Dave Genova said. “It is about the people we serve and the people who provide the service. It is crucial that we hear directly from as many people as possible about RTD’s possible next steps.”

Our Government

White House

President’s message on National Veterans Small Business Week: “In the United States, veterans own nearly 2.5 million small businesses. After fighting for our country, these ambitious men and women have returned to civilian life to pursue the American Dream they have dutifully defended. Throughout National Veterans Small Business Week, we celebrate the success of these hardworking service members and acknowledge their contributions to our Nation’s robust and roaring economy.”

Colorado Governor

Gov. Jared Polis today submitted his budget proposal to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) of the General Assembly.

“Our bold budget builds upon our bipartisan achievements and the vision we have for our amazing state. It is critical that we continue to succeed and are prepared for the future. Investing in education, working to lower the cost of health care, making our transportation dollars stretch and ensuring everyone has access to opportunity is the focus of my administration,” said Governor Polis.

Denver Mayor

Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Councilwoman Robin Kniech (at-large) have submitted their proposal to raise Denver’s citywide minimum wage starting this Jan. 1 to City Council for approval. Following outreach and feedback from five town halls, stakeholder open houses, and individual meetings with organizations, community leaders and residents, the revised proposal confronts wage inequity and cost of living affordability through a raise for 90,000 Denver workers, while giving employers three incremental steps to transition to $15.87 per hour.





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