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A week in review 01/01/20
Photo courtesy: - The gun debate heats up once again in the U.S. after a gunman in Texas open fired at the West Freeway Church of Christ over the weekend killing three, before he was shot and killed by a volunteer church security guard.

By Joseph Rios


Twenty-nine sentenced to death in Sudan
- In Sudan, 29 intelligence officers have been sentenced to death for torturing and killing a teacher. In February 2019, 36-year-old Ahmad al-Khair died in custody after being arrested for protesting against former President Omar al-Bashir and his government. Those who were sentenced plan to appeal.

Turkey approves deploying troops - The Turkish parliament is reviewing a bill that will allow for the country to deploy troops to Libya. Libya is an ally of Turkey, and the country has been fighting forces based in eastern Libya. Those forces are backed by Egypt and are believed to come from Russian mercenaries.


North Korea update
- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is calling for positive and offensive measures to up the country’s security. He spoke during a gathering of party leaders in Pyongyang. Recently, there have been concerns that North Korea could end negotiations to denuclearize with the United States.

Chinese scientist jailed - He Jiankui has been convicted of violating a Chinese ban. He worked on experiments on human embryos in an effort to protect them from HIV. Jiankui will serve three years in jail, and he says he created the world’s first gene-edited babies. The babies are being held under medical observation.


Woman found guilty over lying about rape
- Back in July, Ayia Napa Briton, a British woman, alleged that she was attacked and raped at a hotel by 12 Israelis. She says police made her say she was lying about the incident, but she was found guilty of lying about the incident. She can face a year in jail after a judge at a Famagusta District Court found her guilty.

No real snow in Moscow - Snow in Moscow has not been a common thing this year, but Moscow wants it to look like there is. Authorities dumped artificial snow in the city in anticipation of New Year’s celebrations. According to Roman Vilfand, Russia’s weather forecasting company, 2019 was Russia’s warmest year on record.

Latin America

Mayan palace discovered
- In Mexico, archaeologists have discovered a Mayan palace that is believed to have existed 1,000 years ago. The building was found at a dig site at Kuluba, Yucatan. The palace existed during the height of the Mayan civilization and stands about 20 feet tall. Four other structures in the discovery are also being investigated, including an altar.

Fire burns down homes in Chile - Authorities in Valparaiso, Chile suspect arson as woodland fires are spreading. As of print, there are at least 150 houses that have been burned down from the fires. Aside from the houses, power has been cut for about 90,000 people in the area. Local schools are being used as shelters.

North America

Attacks in New York
- Prosecutors have filed hate crime charges against Grafton Thomas for allegedly stabbing five people at a rabbi’s house. The attack occurred in New York last Saturday, and authorities say he kept journalist that had anti-Semitism content. Other investigators say Thomas’s internet search history questioned why Hitler hated Jews.

Shooting at Texas church - Two people were killed when a gunman opened fire at West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas. The gunman pulled out a shotgun while the church was being livestreamed. It is unknown why the gunman carried out the attack, but his name has not yet been released. He was killed during the attack.





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