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A week in review 01/15/20
Photo courtesy: - The wildfires in Australia continue to wreak havoc on the country burning over 12 million acres with an estimated 1 billion animals feared dead. Donations from around the world continue to pour in, in hopes of providing any amount of relief to residents and wildlife. Two-thousand-nineteen was the hottest year on record for Australia, which helped create the perfect conditions for the devistating bush fires across the country.

By Joseph Rios


Niger fires Army Chief
- Niger Army Chief Gen Ahmed Mohamed has been dismissed from his position after militant Islamists killed 89 Niger troops in an assault. It was the biggest loss of troops in one day for the country. Maj Gen Salifou Modi will replace Mohamed, and Niger declared three days of mourning.

Locusts impact plane - As a plane was preparing to land at Dire Dawa, a cloud of insects slammed into parts of the plane, including the plane’s engines, windshield and its nose. The plane’s landing was delayed by 30 minutes as locusts have invaded the East African region. It is the worst locust invasion in the area in over 20 years.


Scorpions taken from smuggler
- In Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia, a Chinese man was caught trying to smuggle nearly 200 venomous scorpions. The scorpions were still alive, and it is believed the man was going to extract the venom from the scorpions in China. The man was fined $550, and he was allowed to return home.

New citizenship law in India - Indian officials have started the process of enacting a new citizenship law. The law offers citizenship to non-Muslims from three countries near India that are mainly Muslim. Some say it will protect people from persecution, but others say the law is part of a Hindu nationalist agenda to marginalize Muslims in India.


Venice canals nearly dry
- Two months after severe flooding in Venice left the city under water, canals in Venice are nearly dry. The canals resemble mud trenches, and travel has started to become an issue in the city. Due to climate change, high water levels hit the city last November. The damage cost the city around $1.1 billion.

Same-sex marriage legalized in Northern Ireland - Marriages for same-sex couples will take place in February after same-sex marriage officially became legal in Northern Ireland. Those who are in a civil partnership will not be able to convert their relationship into marriage. Couples who are already married will now be recognized lawfully in the country.

Latin America

Student opens fire in Mexico school
- An 11-year-old boy shot and killed a teacher in northern Mexico and injured six others before killing himself. The shooting took place at Colegio Cervantes, a private school in Coahuila. It is unclear what the student’s motives were, or what his name was. He had two guns, and it is unknown how he got them.

Brazil allows gay Jesus film - The Netflix film “The First Temptation of Christ” portrays Jesus bringing home a boyfriend. Brazil’s Supreme Court originally ruled that Netflix should remove the film, but it has overturned that ruling. Around 2 million people have signed a petition for the movie to be removed from the streaming service.

North America

Cory Booker out of democrat race
- U.S. Democrat Cory Booker announced he is ending his bid to represent the Democrat party in the upcoming presidential election. Polling numbers have been low for him, and now, there are 12 Democrats left trying to win the party’s nomination. Booker is 50 and has sent out a message of love and unity for his campaign.

More education funding in Florida? - Teachers from Florida schools stormed the state capital to demand more money for education funding. The teachers took personal days to go protest, but no schools were forced to close. Funding for education in Florida is low, and it hasn’t risen recently. The average teacher in Florida makes a little over $40,000.





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