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The bully has finally met his match
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

On Friday, January 3rd the United States launched a drone strike near the Baghdad Airport that killed Major General Qasam Soleimani of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps among others. It was a premeditated attack that focus more on doing a bad guy in and less on the consequences to our military, our diplomats, our political partners in the region and innocent people going about their business.

The Iranians promised to respond and on Wednesday, January 8th attacked two Iraqi air bases that held American troops. No one was hurt because the Iranians made sure to let the Americans know where they were going to attack.

It was one bully speaking to another in a language that they think they understand. Unfortunately, in the process of the military attacks, the law of unintended consequence set in and 176 passengers aboard Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 leaving Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport paid the ultimate price as the plane was mistaken for an American cruise missile and shot down killing everyone.

That is the nature of the new beginning in 2020 that also represents another impulsive adventure for the President of the United States. He is being impeached so his gut told him to do something to distract the public and that action has caused a terrible tragedy costing the lives of 176 innocent people.

The occupier of the most powerful office in the world is also the user of that office to satisfy personal goals. That is why he is being impeached and that is why the Iraqis are thinking seriously about kicking us out of their country.

This story is personal in nature as it denotes a sickness of insecurity and smallness and has no room for the care of others. Being accountable for the horrible tragedy his doing has caused appears to be the furthest thing from his mind.

It is somewhat ironic that the First Lady has taken up bullying, one of the major ailments in this country, as a theme she has set out to address. Perhaps, finding that ailment deeply rooted in her husband has unconsciously forced her to frame the dimensions of this character flaw.

The classic bully is petty in that the object is mostly to torment the weak, the defenseless, the voiceless and not care about the consequences. Satisfaction is derived from beating on those that have already have been beaten as victims of others and of life itself.

Latino immigrants have been the primary example of this tendency. He is in his element when his victims are not able to answer.

Now Trump has come face to face with the Iranian bully in its lowest element. It is no longer about diplomatic solutions or sanctions from far away.

It is about blood on the ground in Iraq, in Saudi Arabia, in Lebanon, in Israel and in Syria among others. It also might be in the United States.

It is in Iran’s Persian nature to be the leader of its region. It is in its nature to be the “bully” in the Middle East.

Even with severe economic sanctions by the United States, much has been done to facilitate Iran’s rise to power in the Middle East. Iraq is diminished, we are deferring to the Russians in Syria and abandoned the Kurds.

Now the President wants to turn this around for the sake of his reelection. But the bully has met his match.

The question is, are we safer today than we were three years ago?





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