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Cory Gardner and Jason Crow: two sides of a Colorado political coin
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

Colorado is a purple State that tends to swing toward new majorities as time goes on. It is in this environment that the election of 2020 will take place.

Two of our elected politicians, Democratic Representative Jason Crow of Colorado’s 6th District and Republican Senator Cory Gardner, appear to be particularly affected by the current political sentiment. One, Crow, is a selected prosecutor for the impeachment of the President, and the other, Gardner, is in his own way, a Trump defender.

Democrat Jason Crow, our Representative from the 6th Congressional District, has been named to be one of the United States House of Representatives managers for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. His appointment brings into focus the State of Colorado’s role in a rare event in the political life of the country.

Crow was elected in 2018 as part of the revolt against the dark character of the Trump administration that had has made Republicans continue to lose their hold on Colorado voters. At the present time, according to a Keating poll, 60 percent of the Colorado electorate hold an unfavorable view of the President.

One would think that Congressman Crow’s position as one of the leaders of the impeachment trial would benefit his popularity and viability for reelection. Further information on the Keating poll however, indicates that Coloradoan are split on the question of impeachment, 48 percent for and 44 percent against.

One would think that an 4 percent difference supporting Crow’s work in impeachment activities and the fact that he won his seat in 2018 by over 11 points would be enough to make sure that his participation would be a plus for his reelection. That does not take into consideration however, the fact that Republican Mike Coffman held that seat for 5 terms and even after defeated by Crow as part of an anti-Trump movement, ran and was elected Mayor of Aurora.

Cory Gardner, the Junior member of the United States Senate has somewhat of a steeper hill to climb for his reelection. He narrowly defeated Democratic Senator Mark Udall in the 2014 election 48 percent to 46 percent.

“Gardner is a passive supporter of President Donald Trump, having endorsed him in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. Since Trump took office, Gardner has voted with him 89.1 percent of the time.”

Senator Gardner is caught in the cross-hairs of a national and Colorado sentiment against the behavior of the President and his administration. He is one of 7 Republican Senators being watched closely to see if they are to fully go along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s impeachment agenda of a short trial and no witnesses leading to a prompt acquittal of the President.

Although acquittal of Trump appears to be a foregone conclusion, it is the process of reviewing the evidence and having witnesses for the nation to see and hear that is the main element of contention between the House of Representatives led by Democrats prosecuting the case and the Senate acting as a jury. What is needed for this to happen are the votes of all the Democratic Senators and at least 4 Republican.

Cory Gardner’s actions in this regard have major implications for his reelection plans in November. Jason Crow is also vulnerable as he comes from a swing district that has been led by a Republican until recently.

Both have put Colorado at the center of both Washington politics and this fall’s election. It is an opportunity to help make things right.





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