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A week in review 01/22/20
Photo courtesy: - On the day marked to commemorate Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 2nd Ammendment Gun Rights activists and militia converged on the Virginia State Capital to protest new state gun legislation that would require background checks on all firearm sales and limited gun purcheses within a 30 day period. Many of the activists showed up fully dressed in combat gear with assault rifles at the ready.

By Joseph Rios


Lions starving in Sudan
- Malnourished lions are being kept in a park in Khartoum, Sudan. The bones can be seen through the fur as the five lions are being held in cages. There has been a shortage of food and medicine at the park. The park manager says employees will often buy food for the lions from their own money, because food isn’t available.

Three die in Ethiopia - A wooden stand collapsed during an Orthodox Christian celebration. The event resulted in at least three people dying. Dozens of other residents were injured, and there were over 15,000 foreigners who attended the celebration. Ethiopia is known for its Orthodox Christian festivals. They draw tourists from around the world.


Twenty-thousand dead from civil war in Sri Lanka
- Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia, lost around 20,000 people from a civil war. They were considered missing since the country’s civil war ended in May of 2009. The civil war lasted for 26 years, and many relatives of those who were lost protested, demanding answers to what happened to their family members.

Virus spreads in China - In China, a respiratory disease has been found in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in over 200 cases. At least three people have died from the disease that causes a type of pneumonia. The disease has been found in other areas of Asia, including Japan, Thailand and South Korea.


Fake bomb threats in Moscow
- At least one million people in Moscow have had to deal with fake bomb threats. The threats have led to large evacuations. All of the stations in the Moscow metro area have been checked after receiving fake bomb threats. No bombs have been found in any of the areas that have been threatened, and it is unknown who is making the threats.

Man who impersonated doctor jailed - In Germany, a 30-year-old man, known as David G, has been sent to jail for 11 years for impersonating a doctor. He offered victims money to try a fake pain therapy experiment for his sexual gratification. He recorded the victims and used homemade devices to electrocute them. David G was found guilty of 13 cases of attempted murder.

Latin America

Prisoners escape Paraguay jail
- Around 75 prisoners in eastern Paraguay managed to escape a jail. Many of them were allowed to walk free by jail guards while a tunnel was discovered. Many of those who escaped belong to the First Command of the Capital, a Brazilian criminal gang. The gang is believed to have around 30,000 members who are involved in drug and arms trafficking.

Indigenous musicians killed in Mexico - In Guerrero, ten indigenous musicians were shot, killed and burned during an ambush. The ambush is believed to have been carried out by a cartel. All of the victims were part of the Nahuas indigenous group and were coming back from a party. They were all men and were between the ages of 15 and 42. The cartel, Los Ardillos Cartel, typically targets indigenous people.

North America

Gun rally in Virginia
- Gun rights supporters showed out in Richmond to protest against tighter gun laws. Many of the protestors were carrying a firearm and traveled from other states to attend the rally. President Donald Trump tweeted support for the protesters. The Virginia Citizens Defense League organized the protest.

‘Whites Only’ sign sold at antiques store - In Cortez, Colorado, a ‘Whites Only’ sign sale was being sold at an antique store. Other signs read “Public Swimming Pool – White Only” and “We Serve Colored Carry Out Only” were also being sold. Store owner Cheryl Dean refused to remove the signs and said the signs were not racist.





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