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Week Of Special Interest 01/29/20
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By Brandon Rivera

No cases of coronavirus in Colorado

Officials of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment say the risk to the general public is low for novel coronavirus in Colorado. At the same time, state officials continue to investigate possible cases of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in patients with respiratory symptoms and travel history to China. The department is preparing for a swift response if the virus is found in the state. To date, Colorado has no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.

The CDC has investigated three Colorado cases so far, all with travel history to China. Two of those patients have tested negative and results on the third are pending at CDC. Moving forward, CDPHE will only report confirmed cases, and will do so on the department’s 2019-nCoV web page, weekly on Wednesdays.

“It’s understandable that people may be worried about the appearance of a new virus, but the health risk to the general public in Colorado remains low.” said Dr. Rachel Herlihy, state communicable disease epidemiologist, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

“There’s a lot we still don’t know about the novel coronavirus, but we’re confident that Colorado’s response is strong, proactive, and collaborative. Coloradans’ safety is our top priority” said Tony Cappello, Ph.D., division director, Disease Control and Public Health Response, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that have been associated with respiratory illness such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. These viruses spread through coughing or sneezing, much like the flu. Some coronaviruses are common and regularly cause illness in the U.S. in the fall and winter. Other coronaviruses like MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV have caused outbreaks internationally and have been known to cause severe illness. Symptoms of coronavirus infection may include fever, cough and/or shortness of breath and usually appear within two to 14 days. Anyone experiencing these symptoms, who also has a recent history of travel to China, especially Wuhan City, should first call a healthcare provider, urgent care, or hospital for instructions before going to a clinic or emergency room.

People who are worried about this, or any respiratory virus, can protect themselves by practicing everyday actions:

Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.

Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing.

Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.

Stay home if you are sick.

To learn more about the 2019 novel coronavirus, including symptoms and prevention, visit the department’s 2019-nCoV web page, which also includes a link to outbreak data from the CDC. People who have general questions about 2019-nCoV can call CO-Help at 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911, or by email at, for answers in English and Spanish.

Our Government

White House

Presidential Message on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2020: On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the millions of precious souls who perished as a result of the horrific crimes perpetrated by the Nazi regime. We also reaffirm our steadfast commitment to confronting the vile poison of anti-Semitism wherever and whenever it arises.

Colorado Governor

The Department of Health Care Policy & Financing and Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera released the Colorado Hospital Cost Shift Analysis Report that reveals, despite significant reductions in uninsured rates and uncompensated care, Colorado hospitals are persistently increasing the price of care while receiving significant increases in Medicaid payment rates.

“Since we took office, this administration has been focused on lowering the cost of health care for all Coloradans,” said Lt. Governor and Director of the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care Dianne Primavera.

Denver Mayor

Mayor Michael B. Hancock joined more than 270 of the nation’s mayors in Washington, D.C. on Friday for the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) 88th Winter Meeting. Under the leadership of USCM President Rochester Hills, MI Mayor Bryan K. Barnett, mayors discussed a wide variety of priorities that contribute to the overall health of America’s cities.





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