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A week in review 02/05/20
Photo courtesy: U.S. Customs and Border Protection - U.S. Border Patrol in San Diego have exposed the longest illicit cross-border tunnel ever discovered along the Southwest border. The tunnel originates in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico in an industrial area approximately one-half-mile west of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry warehouse. The tunnel travels north into the U.S. 4,068 ft. from the border, with a total length of 4,309 ft.; over three-quarters of a mile.

By Joseph Rios


Thirteen die in stampede at Kenyan school
- On Feb. 3, a stampede broke out at Kakamega Primary School, located north-west Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The stampede killed at least 13 students, according to Kakamega police. Around 40 other students were taken to a hospital where they are recovering from injuries.

HIV vaccine fails - The National Institutes of Health had hoped an experimental vaccine could protect people who are suffering from Aids. Although 5,000 people received the vaccine in South Africa, it did not prevent HIV. The vaccine did not contain HIV and didn’t present a risk to those who took it.


“Shortcomings” on response to coronavirus
- The Politburo Standing Committee, chaired by China President Xi Jinping, says China’s national emergency management has to improve in regard to the coronavirus. Wildlife markets will be targeted as they are where the virus has come from. So far, there have been over 17,000 confirmed cases of the virus in China.

Activity at North Korea missile site - According to satellite imagery, vehicles have been moving near an important North Korea missile site. It is believed the movement could signify preparations for a missile or missile engine test. The United States says the vehicles are consistent with previous missile tests the country has conducted.


Turkey soldiers killed
- The Syrian army has killed at least five Turkish soldiers and three civilians. The incident occurred in the Idlib province, a province held by Syrian opposition. Turkey says the soldiers were killed by Syrian shellfire. The Syrian government hasn’t responded to the news, but a news agency in the country says no injuries or damage occurred from the incident.

Brexit - After England’s long awaited departure from the European Union, England Prime Minister Boris Johnson says there is no need for England to follow Brussels’ trade regulations. He wants a free trade deal. The European Union says Johnson is jeopardizing trade and investment in Europe. Others have called Johnson’s free trade hopes “ambitious.”

Latin America

Six indigenous people killed
- At least six people in an indigenous community in Nicaragua were killed by gunmen. The attack targeted the Mayagna group and occurred in a protected nature reserve. The group has accused Nicaragua’s government of doing nothing to protect it and said its community would eventually be “exterminated.”

Mexican cartel suspects escape prison - In Mexico City, it is believed 10 guards at a prison helped three high-profile inmates escape. One of the men was suspected of being a financer for the sons of Joaquin Guzman. At least three guards have already confessed to helping the inmates escape. All of the inmates were facing possible extradition to the United States.

North America

Longest smuggling tunnel
- Officials have found a tunnel that stretches 4,309 feet. It had a lift, rail track, drainage and more and connected Tijuana to San Diego. There weren’t any drugs found, and it is unknown who created the tunnel. The Mexican Sinaloa cartel operates in the area. The tunnel was originally discovered in August, but news of it wasn’t released until last week.

Nintendo Switch servers hacked for child abuse - In California, a 21-year-old man admitted to hacking Nintendo servers and leaking details about products that have not been released yet. That man, Ryan Hernandez, was found with child sexual abuse images. Prosecutors have recommended that he serves three years in prison. When he’s out, he will have to pay Nintendo around $260,000 and will register as a sex offender.





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