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A week in review 02/19/20
Photo courtesy: - Denver Mayor, Michael Hancock has vetoed a vote to repeal the City of Denver’s ban on pitbulls since 1989. Mayor Hancock had this to offer, “After deep reflection and consideration, I find that I cannot, in good conscience support this legislation and will exercise my authority as mayor to veto it.” The Mayor received mixed reaction to his decision and in the meantime the ban remains in effect.

By Joseph Rios


Twenty killed in stampede
- In south-eastern Niger, refugees were queuing for food and money when a stampede took place. The incident killed at least 20 people and 10 others were injured. The area has seen a high amount of violence carried out by Boko Haram militants. The incident took place in Nigeria, an area home to 120,000 people who have been displaced.

Africa remembers Nikita Pearl Waligwa - Nikita Pearl Waligwa, a 15-year-old girl from Uganda who was part of the Disney film “Queen of Katwe,” has passed away. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died at a hospital over the weekend. She played the role of Phiona Mutesi, a chess player from Uganda, in the film. Multiple cast members of the movie took to social media to pay their respects for Waligwa.


Stage collapses in Pakistan
- Pakistan was hosting a music festival in Islamabad, but it was canceled. The Solis Festival was canceled when people broke through barricades after being denied entry. Some of them climbed onto a VIP stage, causing it to collapse, leaving some injured. The festival’s organizers have been accused of poor planning.

Cruise ship finally allowed to dock - Recently, the MS Westerdam cruise ship was turned away by five places in Asia due to a fear that some passengers were carrying the coronavirus. The ship was stranded at sea, but it has finally been allowed to dock in Cambodia. The ship is operated by Holland America Line, and it left Hong Kong on Feb. 1 with 1,455 passengers and 802 crew members on board.


Mosques attacks halted
- At least 12 people who allegedly belong to Der harte Kern, a far-right group, were arrested in Germany. They are accused of planning attacks on mosques, politicans and asylum seekers. At least one other person is allegedly on the run. Germany has recently seen a rise in far-right supporters.

Flying in snow - The French Luchon-Superbagneres ski resort is using helicopters to deliver snow so residents can hit the slopes. Due to mild weather, the ski resort was facing possible closure. The snow was taken from higher mountains and dumped on slopes for beginners and children. The case is an example of weather trends related to climate change.

Latin America

Dominican Republic elections halted
- Elections in the Dominican Republic were stopped for at least four hours due to a problem with an electronic voting system. At least half of electronic devices used in a nationwide poll didn’t work properly. The event marked the first-time municipal elections have been suspended in the country. An investigation is underway into what happened to the devices.

Biggest cocaine haul in Costa Rica - Officials in Costa Rica estimate that a recent cocaine seizure is the largest one of illegal drugs in the country’s history. Police found over five tons of cocaine in a shipping container. The drugs were being sent to the Netherlands, and at least one person was arrested in connection to the shipment. The cocaine was in 202 suitcases.

North America

Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer found guilty of extortion
- During Stormy Daniels’ court battle with U.S. President Donald Trump, Michael Avenatti represented her. He was been accused of looking to extort around $25 million from Nike and is facing over 40 years in prison. Avenatti was found guilty by a jury, and his sentencing is scheduled for June.

Hancock denies pit bull ordinance - After an ordinance was passed by Denver City Council to allow pit bulls in the city, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed the measure. Later, Colorado Governor Jared Polis took to Twitter to post a photo of him with a puppy pit bull rescue in Denver. Hancock said the ordinance could pose an increased risk to residents.





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