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2020 offers political pendulum swings in both directions
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

The Primary ballots for Colorado just went out and are due back by March 3rd. The political landscape this election cycle offers a wide variety of options from the Alternative Right with its cult type personality that violates Conservative values to Medicare, education, money and happiness for all, that together, distort the traditional Progressive agenda.

I am personally confused and need a little time to figure this thing out. It helps that the range of ideas from one extreme to another are tied to living candidates on the campaign trail.

President Trump has already been impeached for acting as though the country is his and for him to do what he wants. He is the first impeached President running for the office he holds.

It is predictable that the President would go back to his anti-Latino agenda to initiate the stretch-run for reelection. The Wall and its anti-immigrant message are front and center again in his campaign.

This time, it is the military budget that he is abusing to gain his ends. The Pentagon has just let Congress know that the White House will take 3.83 billion dollars from its current allocation to fund the wall on our southern border.

What is being eliminated to do this are F 35 stealth fighter planes, Osprey tilt-roter aircraft that carry Marines in and out of combat, C 130J transports, Drones, Army Humvees and Navy vessel development. That is just the beginning for the year, as altogether, the President plans to take 7.2 Billion dollars from this year’s military budget to get his wall built.

On the other end of the political spectrum, Senator Bernie Sanders is decrying the power of corporate America and promises to reduce their profits and use the funds gathered from it to finance free medical and educational opportunities as well as a large environmental agenda among others. “Medicare for All” is his slogan and one that is attracting a lot of attention.

In-between are Senator Elizabeth Warren that tried at first to outdo Sanders without success before offering less public options, former Vice President Joe Biden that manifests the Obama vision, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg that is the only prominent gay person running for president and Senator Amy Klobuchar that has recently risen to be a top Democratic candidate.

As time goes on and the pendulum swings, candidates, especially Democrats, rise and fall in the polls. The effect is a confusing circumstance that hopefully will be remedied on March 3rd, better known as Super Tuesday, in which our state will participate.

Or things could get even more murky as Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire from New York, is making a strong media effort to become relevant in the democratic primaries. He is one of those “in between” candidates that has the money to go all the way.

The fact remains that the 2016 presidential election brought us a radical shift beyond the Conservative right. It brought us a media cult where everything is a show and nothing is real.

It has allowed our gender, ethno-racial and ethno-centric instincts to take over and act as a new normal. The fictional hero is actually a would-be tyrant in our living space.

The 2020 election represents an opportunity to begin to heal our collective wounds and clear the damage to our institutions. The Constitution has to again become relevant in the actions of our leaders and our view of self-government.

The pendulum must swing away from extremes. We can make that happen.





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