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A week in review 03/11/20
Photo courtesy:

By Joseph Rios


Zimbabwe parents may see jail time
- Statistics show that some areas of Zimbabwe report that 20 percent of children are not attending school. Now, the country’s government is stating that parents in the country could spend two years in jail if their child doesn’t go to school. The crackdown is part of Zimbabwe’s effort to combat rising school dropout numbers.

Human rights activists arrested in Malawi - Police in Malawi have arrested two human rights activists. The two activists, Gift Trapence and Macdonald Sembereka, allegedly threatened to shut down the president’s official residences. Trapence and Sembereka are part of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition, a group that has been protesting how presidential elections are handled since 2019.


India bank chief arrested
- Rana Kapoor, founder of Yes Bank, has been arrested after the bank was seized by the country’s central bank. Kapoor is accused of laundering money. His crimes add up to about $581 million. Some of the bank’s customers are withdrawing money at a rapid rate. India plans to work on a rescue plan for Yes Bank, the country’s fifth largest one.

Foreigners finally get to leave North Korea - There were around 80 foreigners quarantined for weeks in Pyongyang, but they finally get to leave North Korea. The flight carrying those foreigners is the first one to leave North Korea in over a month. It carried residents from Germany, Russia, France and other areas of the world. People were quarantined as North Korea attempted to stop the coronavirus from breaking out.


St. Patrick’s Day parades being canceled
- The Republic of Ireland is seeing a high number of St. Patrick’s Day parades being canceled due to fears of the coronavirus. Ireland is currently in a “containment phase,” according to Taoiseach Leo VaradKar. There have been at least 24 cases of the coronavirus in Ireland as of Monday.

Some migrants in Greece going to EU - The European Union has agreed to bring in some migrant children who are stuck in Greece. Germany may take up to 1,500 children into the country. Greece’s migrant camps are currently facing population issues as tensions continue on the Greece and Turkey border. Many of the migrants are Syrians trying to escape a civil war.

Latin America

Protests to raise awareness about violence against women
- In Mexico City, around 80,000 people took to the streets to shine a light on a rise in violence against women in the country. Statistics show that 10 women are killed every day in the country as police are investigating over 700 open cases of women who have been killed. Some in the country are accusing the Mexican government of not taking any action against the killings.

Ronaldinho appears in court - Former Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho appeared in court after allegedly using a fake passport. The prosecutor in the case says Ronaldinho and his brother were tricked and didn’t do anything wrong. The former soccer player had traveled to Paraguay to promote a book and to campaign for underprivileged children.

North America

Booker endorses Biden
- New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic nominee. Booker campaigned for Biden in Flint, Michigan recently and had dropped out of the democratic race in January. He said Biden could unite the country more than he could divide it.

Coronavirus hits Colorado - In Larimer County, a woman tested positive for the coronavirus, making it the ninth time someone has tested positive for the virus in the state. Other cases of the virus have been found in Douglas County, Eagle County and El Paso County. Denver International Airport could possibly run through quarantine simulations, if necessary.





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